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  • american_chariot american_chariot Sep 1, 2004 11:43 AM Flag

    FOOLS bashes not working any more, so

    Everday another 2-3000 subs, whether the stock goes up or down, it doesn't matter!
    One thought I really like is that now he have twice the subs we had when we were priced at $4.20!
    Bash away all you like, and as you do, the call-center at Sirius is adding subscribers as we speak, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whether the PPS goes up or down, the fact remains that the subs are rolling in! Soon to be 3-4000 subs a day, whether the stock price goes up or down.
    Now, what were you saying about Sirius being so terrible?

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    • let's see it cost you more to get subs than you get in fees from you subs...... oh i dont know but it does not seem to be a smart biz plan. Maybe you should stick to

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      • Of course it cost more to "get subs now"! We are in the middle of "branding" Sirius, running adds on Monday Night Football, giving $50 dollar rebates, and adding exciting new content to our already impressive lineup!
        Yesterday was a great example of our continuing to "build the Sirius skyscraper", adding an exciting array of college sports.
        Why don't you email Audi, and tell them of your knowledge of Sirius being so terrible, b/c it's "news to them"...just this morning they announced an impressive factory program for Sirius! Why would they do this if the company were headed for B/K? Why did they infringe on XM's domain with Audi? They could have just left their programs with XM...they didn't have to increase their Sirius affiliation!
        While your "on the horn" warning all the producers, distributors, and affiliates of Sirius' demise, don't forget to contact: NFL, Home Shopping Network, Advanced Auto Parts, Tivoli, Blaupunkt, Elvis Radio, College Sports, NBA, NHL, Canada, Chrysler, Dish...and all the others, informing them of Sirius' demise. They might not understand the terrible position Sirius is in, like you do!

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