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  • sirius_daytrader sirius_daytrader Apr 10, 2005 4:18 PM Flag



    My new updated DD. April 10, 2005
    Please do your own research into this and see for yourself, There alot of pumpers here, who will lie to you. "Facts" is what you want and not BS. Pumpers will have a positive spin to everything but will not deal with these facts.

    Sirius Market Cap: 7.14B / Shares Outstanding 1.32B / PPS 5.41 / 1.1 million Subs /
    XM Market Cap: 6.47B / Shares Outstanding 210.94M / PPS 30.67 / 3.77 million Subs /

    Sirius has about 6/1 the shares of what XM has and 1/3 subs but yet thier mkt cap is higher than XM, Why? What justify this?
    Lets do a little figuring on what sirius price should be at,
    Today value After April 2, XM shares divided by 6.25 (Sirius shares now) = $4.90. Sirius no longer gets 30% more revenue for each sub than Xm. + 0% = $4.90. now divided by 3.42 (subs) = $1.43

    Remember, XM & Sirius need subscribers, Thats what bring in the money. What else does Sirius has that makes it worth its present price? Stern? Not Until he bring in the subs.

    Remember, Technical are a very important part of any shock. Anyone that says otherwise is bullshitting you.

    Just my oppinion

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