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  • Warren06 Warren06 Dec 18, 2005 9:05 PM Flag


    To ALL Sirius Shareholders.

    It's time to pull together and find out the real deal with Walmart. XM says they have a large market share. Instead of going to CC and BB - go to Walmart and report back to the board on the status of inventory.

    Let's find the TRUTH of what's going on inside of Walmart with Satellite Radio!!!!

    NPD does not track sales with Walmart....why??? I don't know.....but it's up to us to find out the REAL DEAL.....

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    • I shopped at a Walmart in Brunswick, Maine and I asked two clerks in the electronics department how sat radio was selling and which of the two companies was selling the best. I asked the two separately. They answered XM though one didn't really seem to have a grasp on sat radios in general. The display, BTW, was next to the register in the electronics dept. so no missing it. When I asked one of the guys about sat radios he replied, "you mean XM?" I said, "well, I mean both xm and sirius." He said emphatically yes that XM was selling better but did not give me an indication by how many. I did notice that there were NO siri brochures out and little supplies while right next to it XM had brochures, etc. I got the feeling that XM has some tpye of deal with Walmart to promote their radios over Sirius-- I hope I am wrong. I was a little miffed about the situation to say the least. Hopefully this is an isolated case but it seems to me that some one else posted a similar scenario at a Walmart store elsewhere. For whatevever it's worth.


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      • I used to work retail for an electronics store. Certain companies at that time did offer "points" in exchange for merchandise based on selling their brand over another. It was a great incentive for me when I wanted in on a trend, all I had to do was sell, sell, sell to get those points and I ended up with a nice set of car speakers for free. This was in 1985, but I am sure that these marketing incentives still exist today.

    • I called my local wallmart a few days ago and the person I spoke to indicated a slight preference towards xm. I live in Lake Havasu City AZ and we have a lot of "snow birds" here right now, a higher than normal seasonal increase in retirement age people. On the good side I did call about 8 other local retailers mostly independant Radio Shacks and a few truck stops and thay all indicated roughly 3-1 Siri over XM.

    • The dow Jones report did diclose some numbers, but did not go into as much detail as people used to get from the Stifel reports.

      What I will say is that the numbers are impressive

    • Those numbers were also disclossed in a Dow jones report last week.That report was available free.

    • sarge.....

      A couple of issues.....

      1. NPD deals only with retail, and not OEM.....where XM will have bigger numbers than Sirius.

      2. NPD does not capture all of retail.....They typically capture between 75% and 85% of retail subs (depends on give aways, etc.). The non NPD sales have traditionally favored XM. This quarter may get close to parity in that category though.

      I have no worries about Sirius beating their stated goals by a healthy margin.

    • LOL......

      You can put up the 61% number should you desire......It is accurate.

      At this point, Sirius investor relations may well discuss the November NPD with you as well.....although I am not sure of that.

    • jz.....

      again, don't believe me if you don't want to.

      I am sure at some point, you will see the kit spring report float around the net.....although not from me......This will help you verify that the report exists.

      The laste sentence in the first section of Kit's report is as follows:

      "Howard Stern is likely having a positive impact on the sector"

      If you see the report you will then understand that I am being forthright with the numbers I have given

    • O.K. you math majors here are facts
      1.In november we got 61% of the market
      2.XM says that come hell or high water they
      will sell 1 million more subs.
      3.Let us assume that Their 1 million subs is
      39% of the total for the month of dec.
      4.So what amount of subs will go to Sirius?
      5.Answer= 1.6 million subs

      I keep getting the same range of figures no matter where I start. I have gone at it from 3 different angles. I keep coming to the same range 1.4 to 1,8 million subs this quarter. Any one see any holes???????????

    • jz.....

      If you think I got my numbers from a dream, you should take a few minutes to research my posts regarding such things.

      I stand by the 61% share for November, and you can verify that number in several locations if you decide you want to.

      Whether you believe me or not has no effect on me whatsoever. You will soon see that the NPD sahre I reported was indded very accurate

    • For October and November, Sirius' NPD share was a bit over 60%.

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