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  • captive_liberty captive_liberty Nov 2, 2006 10:22 AM Flag


    Al (I invented the Internet) Gore
    Ted (I had to kill her) Kennedy
    John (The stupid troops) Kerry
    Nancy (Marry the gays then tax them) Pelosi
    Hillary (I say whatever I need to) Clinton
    Barney (In my ass then my mouth) Frank
    Wessley (I was actually a coward) Clark
    Charles (Cheney is a son of a bitch) B. Rangel
    Howard (Foot in mouth, Yehaaaa) Dean
    Bill (I did not rape Kathleen Willy nor have sex with that fat little intern) Clinton

    A great cast for a sitcom but lousy leaders! You Democrats have to be proud. What has happened to your party? We have not been attacked and the economy is booming. Stay the course!

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    • No Doubt. This is not the same Kennedy Democratic party.

    • Hey add Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer to that list of freakin' idiots! What a bunch of undesirables!

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      • The fact is that some democrat leaders work with terrorist organizations to harm the US.

        Just look at CNN, they have been caught many times catering to terrorist. From the under reporting Saddam's terrorism so that he would not close their Bhagdad Bureau to showing propaganda video they "acquired" from terrorist and could not rush fast enough to show. They only ever talk about US troops in negative light. Can onyone remember the last time CNN, CBS, NBC, or ABC did a story on heroism about a soldier in Iraq??? DO you think in 3 years nothing heroic has happend? However, have a soldier even be accused of the slightest crime and he is tried, convicted, and punished by the likes of these folks. All of the top democrats Murtha, Pelosi, Kennedy, kerry, Schumer can't race to a microphone fast enough to parrot these reports and slam our military.

        Of course if a US soldier says that he supports the war & that things are going better than is being reported here he is ignored.

        The fact is democrats would hate islam if it were not for the terroism. Think about it, Islam = hard line religious people who impose their religious will on others and treat women subserviantly.....this is exactky what they falsely accuse catholics of being.

    • Great point! I am worried that the American public is not paying attention. All they hear is negative news on Iraq.

    • loser, you have been duped

      Nuremburg-style trials 2009 for the entire CheneyCo outfit
      hang 'em high... make 'em dig their own holes

      they have betrayed our country and are the ruination of our democracy

      and you have your head up your ass

    • Democrats look at record high stock market, record high home ownership numbers, record low unemployment, rising tax revenues thanks to tax cuts as bad news. They see this environment as terrible & hopeless.

      It must suck to be them. They won't be happy until everyone is equally as unhappy as them.

    • You forgot a few

      John(impeach bush for doing his job)Conyers Mich.
      (we want slavery reparations too)
      Carl(we kiss a** to the labor unions)Levin Mich.
      Genifer(canadian, I look pretty but haven't done anything)
      Granholm Mich. Gov.
      Jimmy(worst Pres. we ever had, Iran hostage crisis) Carter
      Kwayme(I like to party w/rappers)Kilpatrick Detroit mayor

      No wonder we have the worst unemployment
      You know what its like to have these losers in control.
      Siriusly thinking of moving.
      Backward mentality of unions here stops companies from locating here.
      I love Michigan though-rather be snowmobiling on the shores of Lake Superior than anywhere else.

      Home The News The Blog Eat The Press Contagious Festival Becoming Fearless Republican Scandals Put 15 GOP Seats In Jeopardy...
      Washington Post | Jonathan Weisman, Jeffrey H. Birnbaum | Posted November 2, 2006 01:12 PM

      READ MORE: Jack Abramoff, Mark Foley, Investigations, Indictments, George W. Bush

      From various .gov sites

      Indictments, investigations and allegations of wrongdoing have helped put at least 15 Republican House seats in jeopardy, enough to swing control to the Democrats on Tuesday even before the larger issues of war, economic unease and President Bush are invoked.

      With just five days left before Election Day, allegations are springing up like brushfires. Four GOP House seats have been tarred by lobbyist Jack Abramoff's influence-peddling scandal. Five have been adversely affected by then-Rep. Mark Foley's unseemly contacts with teenage male House pages. The remaining half a dozen or so could turn on controversies including offshore tax dodging, sexual misconduct and shady land deals.

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