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  • armani10012 armani10012 Oct 17, 2007 8:26 PM Flag

    Antitrust Law

    Sorry guys but it is not that satellite radio competes with so many other things that matters. Echostar and Directv competed with broadcast tv, Internet tv, Sling box, etc. Look back even at the Nestle/Dreyers case. This was about premium ice cream vs regular ice cream. Premium ice cream competes with a lot of stuff including chocolate, etc. DOJ had an issue with this merger. The issue here is who is going to keep Sirius and XM in check if they merge. Answer? No one. Which is why the merger will be killed. The FCC and DOJ do not want to police these guys after they merge. It is not their job and that is just what would have to heppen because if you want premium radio there will be only one place to get it. You cannot get that content (Stern, NFL, NBA) anywhere else so consumers will be screwed in the long term because prices will indeed go up. Echostar and Directv tried to get it through with there national pricing plan and that did not work. Sorry but this is the truth.

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    • Sorry but Satellite Radio is similar to Satellite TV.. The censor button is your pocketbook.

      If you don't want XXXX on your TV then don't pay for it.

      If you don't want hard core radio on your box then don't listen to the channel. No one is "forcing you."

      Deal will be appoved. FCC doesn't have to censure Satellie Radio.

    • have you ever heard of podcasts, they are free and have excellent content, you can even learn photo-shop for free, with more Artists putting their music for free on the internet,I.E. the GOO DOLLS, to get ahead of the downloaders, now you can also get new music for free...

    • What I am saying is that an IPOD is not substitutable. An IPOD does not give me any premium content. It also does not give me new music. It gives me whatever I have downloaded. It is static. And it does not cost $12.99 a month while in your camry analogy they cost the same. Just because I would not pay a higher price for sat radio does not mean I go somewhere else to get the content. I cannot. Where can I listen to Stern or national NFL games without sat radio.

    • bump.

    • You are 100% wrong in your opinion of what would be best for me. An approved merger would undobtedly raise the value of my Sirius holdings, but if I had any degree of certainty that the merger would go through I would have cashed in my SIRI for XMSR months ago. No doubt that's what you did?

    • It's not quite so simple. Coming from a poster who can't spell or put together a compete sentence, it doesn't surprise me as to how simple you make it sound! You're a bit confused about how each agency performs the task at hand! You need to do a little more homework before guessing what role the FCC, FTC and DOJ play in the outcome of this merger. All the agency's ( named above ) want this to go through. They just want " insurance " going forward, that the two companies will comply to guidelines set forth in the hearings. The merger will fly!

    • And you also have satellite and cable TV channels that provide 100% music usually focused on specific genres. And no one ever mentions it but CDs will continue to exist and a lot of people will keep on playing them.

    • Just like consumers can choose to purchase a Camry if Honda raises their price of an Accord too high, so too can consumers choose to listen to terestrial radio (free), internet radio (free), iPods (not free), Slacker (not free), wireless cell phone music services (generally not free), and many others if satellite radio raises their prices too high.

      And they can watch the NHL, NFL, MLB, etc on cable or satellite TV. After all, we talking about alternate (I mean substitutable) forms of access to the same content. Heck, watching sports on TV is a better experience than listening on the radio, though not as portable. You get a little, you give a little. Either way, its substitution, therefore competition. Heck, you can go to the ballpark and watch the game there if the merged satellite radio company raises their prices beyond your propensity to pay.

    • Well, the problem with your argument is that's what is best FOR YOU, has nothing to do with what is required to prevent an anti-trust situation from being developed. That is the concern of the Justice departmen.

    • Once again I don't get it .... first it's someone saying the 2 being unsensored is a problem now it's content

      You cannot get that content (Stern, NFL, NBA) anywhere else so consumers will be screwed in the long term because prices will indeed go up

      You can't get Stern anywhere now except Sirius, you can't get the NBA anywhere except XM. Running these satrads is expensive and both companies have to charge high prices. Merged the operating cost go down and the prices can stabalize and be offered at lower prices. If prices rise too high consumers will not buy the product.

      Right now If I want Stern and NFL, I need a sub to 1 and if I want Nascar and NBA I need a 2nd sub. Anyone can see that the merger is GOOD for consumers.

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