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  • dukeufinstu dukeufinstu Apr 8, 2008 8:47 PM Flag

    Duke's Trading Strategy Revisited

    Well, if you have been following the Duke's posts you know that I wanted you to buy a bunch of SIRI at $2.71 so that you can dump it out at $3.24 and put that downpayment on your yacht. Today was bingo day for us and I hope you are in on the party.

    Now I know that none of you actually bought today. Most of you are actually allergic to making a profit so all this great advice is falling on deaf ears. But lets assume that there is one brave soul out there who actually took the plunge. This is your chance to step up to the plate and tell your fellow board members that you believe in the Duke and put some hard earned sheckles to work based on this crackpot's theories and that computer that does not exist.

    I know you have a problem. You probably are a card carrying member of the Devil's crew and you do not want to lose your position in that esteemed group of dreamers and buffoons. So here is how you endorse the Duke but stay in good graces with the dreamers. You create another screen name and endorse the Duke's trading pattern. Here are some good possibilities, bluedevilhater, dukesafraud, dukesinconsistent or my favorite dukesacondescendingprick. Now that I suggested these fine screen names they are likely to go fast so pick yours up as soon as possible.

    I know the longs on this board scoffed at the Duke when he told you to buy at $2.71. I mean the stock was in the $2.90s, the DOJ had just announced and $6.00 was just around the corner. Besides the NJdude had said buy the dip from $3.30 and he is never wrong. The Duke is always wrong so we ain't seeing $2.71 again this century.

    As a little aside, I noticed the NJdude has not been as kind to the Duke since I said his advice was going to lead you into foreclosure and bakruptcy. Apparently, he took the criticism seriously. I liked the guy, truly I did--still do. Did you notice that when I did not post for a while, he borrowed the Duke's phrase--follow the options. It would have helped you guys if he actually understood what I meant by that. Hey but don't sweat the details.

    Here is a scoop for you guys. I have it on good authority that the Devil has secretly been following the Duke's trading advice while continuing to ignore him. He was seen placing an order at a Florida yacht builder just last week while you guys are stuck with those sail boats. Now you guys and gals (Duke is always thinking about the gals) know I always give my source for these rumors and so I am here to tell you that the Devil's infidelity was exposed in a series of emails sent by Socal. Sorry Socal, I am no longer bound by that secrecy oath.

    I have not heard much from the shorts recently but I certainly expect one of these guys to tell the Duke and you this POS ain't seeing $3.24 any time soon. Sorry boys, you are just as wrong as the longs. My hope is that guys like Semin50, swisscheese, rogerthedoger,seamonster, Iamalwayslying and the new guy wwwglobalidiot join the antiDuke bandwagon. It seems a shame that the longs are having all the fun.

    I have one other thought on this short problem and with Semin50 in particular. He always labels me a moron-short simple and to the point. Now, I know he is in one of those homosexual relationships so that he always has some person's body part in one of his orifices. This sounds like a very backward relationship so shouldn't he be labelling the Duke a NOROM. This is just a thought.

    Anyway, I hope someone bought at $2.71. Have some patience and you will be richly rewarded.

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