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  • plutoisnomore plutoisnomore Jul 20, 2008 11:42 AM Flag

    Adelstein is just a poltical hack--why be upset with him--just an opportunist--why just vote no

    Tate is the one we should be angry with - - she could have wrapped this up weeks ago - - now it has been a month since Martin's action -- we should be vehemently angry with Tate not Adelstein - - her being a you know what is the only thing holding this back. How imbecelic that Adelstein simply restates Markey's propasal and we pay this guy to be a puppet. What is Tate up to? Nothing from her but Adelstein talks with reprters and Bloomberg TV - - why? does he do this and not do it behind the scenes. What is actually going on? Who the frack knows because we are hearing nothing from Tate. Hell, we heards nothing from McDoweel and really nothing from Copps but Adelstein steals the spotlight!! Why? We know Copps is a no vote because he only said he will offer no proposal per Martin's request - - Adelstein offers Markey only. Great thought happening at the FCC.

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    • TATE is a shame and disgrace to the AMERICAN PEOPLE.=She is getting well paid to do a job and she is DOING ABSOUTLY NOTHING.=It is my opinion only she is protecting her friends at the NAB-GEORGETOWN-and CLEAR CHANNEL and completly disregarding the actual facts of the case and still bringing up the MONOPOLY issue when the DOJ said it was NO MONOPOLY.=TATE,WAKE UP and vote for MARTINS DRAFT ORDER WHICH IS VERY FAIR-[UNLESS YOU ARE IN BED WITH THE CROOKS AT THE NAB-GEORGETOWN-CLEAR CHANNEL AND CROOKED POLITICANS]==[OR LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL POLITICAL FUTURE].==[THIS ENTIRE POST IS MY OPINION ONLY]

    • Again everyone playing the blame game.First it was Martin that was the bad guy then he approved the Merger.Then it was Tate and it still is because she hasn't voted.Now it is Aldelsein with his surprise approval abeit with unreasonable conditions.The only real blames belongs to us shareholders for holding on to this stock hoping for a 2 dollar pop.Look at Lehman brothers a stock that has gone from $11 to $19 in 3 days after talk of their demise.

    • Label under: "Five Clueless Commissioners At Work"

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