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  • inveztor1 inveztor1 Jul 24, 2008 3:24 PM Flag

    POLL: How many longs are actually scared right now?

    With the mix of articles and news claiming "static" and what not, how many longs are actually nervous that we will not see movement? Personally, now that the merger is done for all intents and purposes, I see this as a continuing buying opportunity. Seems a lot of poeple are still complaining like they were on Monday.

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    • If the stock market scares you then get out. Trading is just another form of gambling, and it's not for everyone. Do your homework and hope for the best.

      The key is to diversify (wow, what a concept :)

      Good Luck

    • I should be scared...but I'm not. Not yet, anyway.

      I want to buy more but I think that the FCCs restrictions are going to really hurt the merged company. Further, the Goldman Sachs report on SIRI made me cautious.

      FYI, I originally agreed with Goldman's report, which stated the company would not be profitable against the competition of mp3s intergrated into cars. I really wanted a car with an audio input (and all of my 20 something friends want the same). But the car I ended up buying this year did not have the audio input and came with satellite radio instead. I was hooked after this.

      I believe many others will start subscribing to sattelite once they get a taste.

    • It is a good day to pick up more shares. Plan to hold my shares for the long run.

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      • Not the least bit concerned. 65K and holding. I don't see official approval until the Aug. meeting for official vote.That vote still has to occur to meet regulatory requirements. The irrational behaviour these past two days is just the kids and amateurs letting emotions throw money around. Entertaining but dangerous to the balance sheet.

    • Lots of market volatility, the economy is scary!
      I really thing SIRI is a long term hold, But, I play 10k-30k share to buy the dips and sell the rips. If we lose F or GM to BK, and WM or LEH to BK at the same time. The cookie will crumble at the Government won't have the resources available to put it all back together again!
      We sort of have a Pumptity Dumpity Market and Government, They are all on the Take system!
      Best of luck to all

    • Not in the least, no one seems to understand the the Sirius traders want to keep this around the 2.50 level until the deal is done. Wake up people, the post merger is what we should all be playing for.

    • I'm not scared but I am questioning my decision on investing in this company due to merger...

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      • What price did you get in at? Did you average down? The last 15 months have been A LOT scarier than today. With the merger uncertain and companies facing possible BK without it, I think we should feel MUCH more comfortable. I don't see any way this could ever come close to pulling back to 1.80's. I see normal trading behavior with days of huge gains mixed in.

        And what about when XMSR converts and all their institutionals are now in SIRI? We will have a better mix of retail and institutions. That's a positive as well, IMO.

    • I'm not scared, a lot of this is pretty expected.

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