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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Sep 8, 2008 1:25 PM Flag

    all buys were small amounts for show to reel in more longs

    90 cents is coming, I will enter their and only 1000 shares.

    Siri is just too risky, so many shares in the float, they can take it as low as 75 cents a share although I think .89 - .90 will be the bottom, but that has to trade at that price for 5 days.

    This is what my custom software entered after I entered in all these horrid details in my opinion, and SIRI management still keeps spending like BUSH during his failure, 8 years of America stripped and made into a Mexico.

    Too many people just play the ipod right into the car and it will sound better then a signal from space,

    In my opinion get out, get back in cheaper.

    Only thing that changes the 90 cent bottom needed is if 2 things happen.

    1 million shares or 2 million dollars as buys by lehman or Goldman are like us buying 2 shares and like 1 or 2 dollars to us.

    When they pick up a 50 million share buy or 100 million share buy then it might,(should start going back up)

    Redemptions must be sold by 2:00pm

    If you are gullible enough to add to SIRI do it after 2.00 pm because more dumping will occur day after day as many people want out of the hedge funds they gave money to. When they demand their money, the hedge funds must sell and send back to them.

    If you are a trader and can watch the computer sell and buy back lower, if not then just buy more lower, much lower then this.

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