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  • sirius_jen sirius_jen Sep 16, 2008 11:20 AM Flag

    The Howard Stern Show Lately


    i dont know, im such a big fan, but ive noticed lately a flat show. howies turned into some do gooder, arties sober, robins a vegan, and the show is just not what it used to be. howie seems pussy wipped and he seems board with the show, and i just doenst move along like it used to.
    i dont know maybe its just me, what do you think?
    dont u hate perrys wife?

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    • Honestly, Karmazin needs to heavily re-negotiate Stern's contract; Howard was only ever good for making Sirius "the SDAR play", and one can argue that the cost really wasn't worth it...especially if we fail as an industry!

      Also, a little disappointed in Mel's "get-tough" approach, or lack thereof! These are extraordinary economic times, and such requires an extraordinary response, whether that be a bold new programming initiative, bold new market developments (not just "radio", but so much more???) maybe partnerships, equity tie-ins, big salery cuts, etc...etc.

      We really haven't gotten much of anything, expect a vague $400+ million in merger-related savings...and we all know how that was received by "The Street", along with our "slowing-growth announcement"!

      Just venting here...but maybe we need some new leadership! Mel got the merger done...kudos, now lets get someone that can really "grow-the-business" and cut cost, extraordinarily!

      Also, the interoperability is much too slow; The are talking 5-7 years before true "1-Co., 1-Satellite structure" is feasible!

      All I know is they have 18-million paying customers, second only to Comcast in the subscription model business...and if you look at all the others behind them in subscriber numbers, they are all profitable! That should tell you something about our "business model"; Simply put, you ought to be able to turn-a-dime on 18-million paying folks! Or get a CEO who can!

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