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  • mycontraryopinions mycontraryopinions Feb 20, 2010 7:56 PM Flag

    Smartest thing Stern could ever DO!!!

    The smartest thing Stern could do is stay at Sirius for a reduced salary of a meager 1 million a year. And tell the public that he accepted such a pay cut because he knows that most of the hardworkers listening to him have suffered worse.

    This would cause many people to be sympathetic to Sirius... and maybe increase subscriber count. And if subscriber count increases and Stern's salary drops then Sirius stock may shoot straight up. Which would cause Stern to be very rich due the face a good lump of his pay was in stock.

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    • Just one problem with your idea....Howie is a JEW!

    • I would like to see you take a 100th of your salary for the good of other people. How about you take a pay cut from $100k to $100 and donate the rest to Haiti. I thought not.

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      • I wouldn't donate to another country regardless of what happened. The USA gives away too much as is. Instead I do help family and friends... at least I can see the actual benefits first hand.

        And yes this past year I had to give up a portion of my salary so my company could survive... I was one of the lucky ones. Others I know lost their jobs... and are sick that someone is demanding more money when they already made 500 million.

        Stern doesn't need the money... so why hold out for a large salary. He could be screwing his company. Which in turn would screw his listeners. Remember there was a chance Sirius wouldn't be a around anymore... which means his listeners wouldn't hear him.

        That is why I recommended that he take a lower pay... helps his company... helps the stock... makes him a hero... which helps him get more fans... helps the stock... which makes him rich.

        pretty complex logic... maybe too complex for some

    • I am 41 and used to enjoy listening to Howard Stern from the early 1990's through around 2004, read his books, watched videos, and saw his movie Private Parts. However, since 2004 or so I haven't listened to him at all, haven't read anymore of his books (has he done any lately?) and don't recall him in any movies. It makes me wonder, is he even relevant anymore? Sure he got a big payday from SIRI but since then he really isn't as well known as he used to be. Do people under 30 even know who he is? It seems like SIRI fans place too much emphasis on the Stern factor.

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      • I'm 45 and used to listen to Stern on DC 101 when I was in high school in the EARLY 80's. I too have read a few of his books and seen/purchased videos but haven't heard him since he left terresterial radio and don't miss him a bit!

        I guess he has a loyal following, but for any company to depend so heavily on just one talent doesn't make make sense from a business standpoint. Stern has MORE $ than he needs to live out his life, what if he simply chooses to walk away and call it quits?

    • In now way would that be the smartest thing Sternb could do. On a sliding scale, I'd say that is closer to the "dumbest move" end of the scale.

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