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  • sky_s_clear sky_s_clear Sep 27, 2010 2:52 PM Flag

    1% Wealthy Suppresses ANYONE who exposes

    ... Their GREED,
    ANYTHING that Exposes their Crimes!

    Sweeds Link:

    And the Follow up to what and Who these people are...

    And for those who think this Group is some outlandish theory..

    It's been on WIKI for a while now with the names of the Members..

    And THAT Folks , is only the Tip of these Power Mongers ..Berg!

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    • Someone tell Ya-zoo there's an idiot who thinks
      female anatomy is a 'Pronoun'!

      Report him just for
      ...being the biggest Jackass on the MB!

    • Attacking me on a personal level proves you have no point.

      ... and no one here asked you your inane opinion.

      all you want to do is cause trouble and get my attention.

      Are you Totally stupid?.. or just a Half wit?

    • The factor is actually greater than ten.
      CEO salaries gre from 30 times the average employee salary to 400 times; you know, like yours did in the past 30 years.

      And yes, it is thirty years - when Reagan started this entire process of deregualtion and bigger is better for corporations.
      Why this is not disclosed daily is - again, conspiratorial - people are conditioned into believing the so-called liberal media, which is actually controlled by stauch conservatives, and watch intently the drama of nonsense issues while the real drama is perpetrated right in front of your eyes.

      BTW - there is ample evidence that the Bilderberg Group manipulated Reagan's elections, his cabinet, and the direction of the country.

      Conspiracy theory? Perhaps.
      Reality? I choose to believe rather than wake up one day to say "What were we thinking?"

    • I have been spouting the evil Bilderberg Group for years and few take notice. They are extremely influential and everyone should check out what little is available since it is a secret society.
      They introduced the Euro, and their goal was for a global currency. That way, there would be one treasury - guess who - and would control the entire world's money.
      If this does not scare anybody, you are inhuman.
      Then, take their mantra and you can easily extrapolate how the middle class has gotten squeezed out of the picture. It actually makes sense in their scheme of things.
      Of course, there are those who want nothing to do about conspiracies, which this is. Unfortunately, they exist and denying it because it is implausible or beyond your own comprehension does not mean it does not exist.

      So many events in history took years before the conspiracy was eventually proven. Take the sinking of the Lusitania, which was finally proven that the American government loaded the hull with explosives, knowing that the Germans would torpedo the ship. It was an accepted level of casualties - 1,800 - that would allow the U.S. to enter a war.
      Fast forward to the World Trade Centers, and there are some compelling reasons - all of them war profits - for allowing the planes to hit the buildings despite the 3,000 casualties. In perspective, is it really that implausible?

      And the Bilderberg Group has their hands in everything, possibly even these tragedies. The players are decendants of the original Federal Reserve, where it is believed that they caused the Depression as a way to get legislation to move the country from asset-based to debt-based.
      For decades, the country's leaders wanted nothing to do with bankers as they felt they were evil, but when the economy got minipulated, it became "See I told you so" and they changed course.

      Sorry for the length, but I have been advocating revolution for years because the powers that be will stop at nothing to destroy a society for their own selfish greed.
      It has been happening for centuries - so, why assume it does not exist today?
      It's very much alive, and we are getting crushed with internal divide and conquer tactics that divert minds from the real problem of world domination to nonsense issues like immigrants.

      Keep both eyes opened. It won't be long now.

    • Probably true,however sad.DOC

    • "..Plenty of poor people are liars cheats and thieves as well.

      But what disturbs me is a study that showed liars are more likely to achieve CEO status and the higher paying jobs. .." _______DESI!

      now that is just Downright hysterical.
      5 star laff of the day!

    • I don't believe stereotyping the rich is the best course for this debate or any debate for that matter


      Plenty of poor people are liars cheats and thieves as well.

      But what disturbs me is a study that showed liars are more likely to achieve CEO status and the higher paying jobs.

    • But i do take issue with the idea that there are sincere wealthies out there donating from kindness.

      Gates just doesnt have that NEED for more and more that the Greedy have.

      If all ya got is Ted Turner..

      ..................I don't believe stereotyping the rich is the best course for this debate or any debate for that matter

    • But Gates, was not part of the social Scene.
      Which made him a curiosity.
      After all these years, as it turned out ,
      it's was just Gates being shyer and more Grounded.


      All I needed was to hear him speak publicly. After listening to generations of liars, cheats and thieves, it was easy to recognize a noble man.

    • Because the average American worker’s wages have been stagnate “adjusted for inflation” for the last 30 years while the richest have increased by a factor of ten.


      Because manufacturing and service jobs have been shipped out of our country and construction jobs have mostly immigrant labor, leaving the rest of us to either work for the government, healthcare or Walmart.

      Not the making of a very healthy economy.

      I remember when you could raise a family on a construction workers salary. Skilled trades were respected not looked down upon.

      Everyone who ever bought cheap Japanese and Chinese products has gotten exactly what they deserve.

      Hence the term, eat your import.

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