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  • richeydouglas Oct 11, 2010 1:26 AM Flag

    60 MINUTES is RIGHT! SIRI should NEVER fell below $2.36!! Manipulation is FACT!

    Dang liberal TV trying to restrict the markets. Why don't the jealous cry babies get a computer science degree and do what the smart people do. Using fast computers to buy and sell stocks is not illegal. This is the 20th century now for crying out loud. These guys are using a simple algorithm programed into a computer. Its not rocket science, its not crooked, its just some people think that its unfair if someone else is smarter than are and was able to gain from it. This BIG brother watchdog reporting is creating a socialist mentality that will do more harm than it helps and further erode the financial markets by scaring people out of the markets.

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    • I agree in a way; Let the "computer program traders" have their own market, not regular stocks; They can "computer trade" "super-derivatives" that un-affect "people traded, regular stocks"; What you are missing is that "it's a total un-level playing field", b/c regular people don't have access to the technology or resources that a Goldman-Sachs hedge-fund buys, that not only trades "super-computer-algorithmically", but also, they "corner-the-market", boxing-in, manipulating, naked-short-sell, and play both sides of the trade----all ILLEGALLY of course!

      The naive notion you have of "all's equal in this fair market" is not only naive but illegal, imbalanced and totally out-of-keeping with the market's intent of "making a market between buyers and sellers".

      Yes, let them trade algorithmically with super computers, but NOT ON OUR DIME!

      See how far they'd get without the Common's money to steal!

      BTW, get a clue yourself!

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