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  • susiesweatsocks susiesweatsocks Oct 14, 2011 12:18 PM Flag

    siri $100 Stock

    correction on option. here's why i am cautious, and got out of siri after being in for one day at 1.70 and selling for 1.71. as usual i do my serious homework after jumping in. satellite radio is great. siri has been around since about 1994. the stock price is really realy low. wow, i even have a siri button on my new car's radio controls. siri is so low because it is super highly in debt and has been struggling to stay in business. that is a big risk with any stock, because if they suddenly tell you they are broke, you can kiss your common stock bye, bye, 100%. i have seen this way too many times in 30 years of personal experience with stocks. the company will keep going one way or the other but it does not have to legally include those stockholders who made it what it is, if it is called into bankruptcy proceedings by it's credit terms with it's creditors, especially those lenders who have loaned it the most. if you read the SEC website, it is highlighted that common stockholders are wiped out when a company reorganizes under bankruptcy. Siri has a book value of 13 cents. I may lose by selling all of Siri stock and long options. Siri may pull through, here, and keep going. I do not not have all published or other facts regarding the huge debt. But the new shares will go largely to the banks if Siri cannot pay it's bills, sell enough new stocks, borrow enough, or make enough profit, to in some combination cash flow it. If you think Siri is going to 100 dollars soon. Considering by the January 2013 calls out of the money. Then you limit your downside risk to money invested, and can leverage your upside that is in your sights. The January 2013 4 dollar call costs only 5 cents a share last trade. So one call is 100 shares, will cost a person 5 dollars. Say you want 10 thousand shares optioned. That is 10 options or 500 dollars plus a commission. Instead of risking 16,000 dollars on a big move you risk far less. If the stock doesn't move, you can redo the bet down the road. Siri, if it survives the debt, the extreme lack of cash in the population (the big scam), will go way up. But I just saw Space Odyssey and realize how far off the vision of our space program was at the time the movie was produced. Our market is on the verge of collapse due to sell off.

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