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  • cashbar1 cashbar1 Jan 19, 2012 2:25 PM Flag


    I think he just got tired of doing this. And can you blame him?

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    • I believe The Duke had very angry clientele or friends who have missed out on so much upswing with Siri. The Duke has lost credibility from novice, inexperienced but learning investors such as myself.

      He used to put you down Cashbar. He 'jumped the shark' when he took you in Cashbar as a compatriot to join the likes of solo, lone ranger, wwf.

      The Duke was by no means a single person but rather an accumulation of folk. Maybe he did have something to do with Duke University. I like the word 'accumulation'. Thank you The Duke. I for one thought he was a good read. Tending to be boring at times. Whether he was paid or had some sort of sexual satisfaction for angering many -- whatever the reason, he had quite a following. Kind of fit into this insane asylum they call the Siri-Yahoo Message Board.

      Without The Duke and his minions, This board would be overcome by pampers which it has become!

      Cashbar have you changed your thinking about what siri's pps will be on 1/31/2012?

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      • Kaiser, the Duke is still lurking. A middle-aged money manager who attended biz school at Duke. His stubborn short call fouled his cred and no doubt angered his clients. Euro panic and anxiety over contagion was thick last October-November. Perhaps Duke hedged in December with 2.00 calls, expiring -- Spring? Someday he'll reveal exactly how he hedged (or didn't)...

        SIRI is still interesting trade vehicle, and the Duke will reappear. Meanwhile, enjoy intelligent comments, warnings, and predictions from the board prosumers.

        But the panic season seems to be over (for now). Fundamentals rule in long run, and this stock is poised to outperform for next 24 months.

        Bear raids still not off the table until SIRI retires more LT debt and can support share price with buybacks. 2013 will be interesting (major debt tranche due).

        I favor accumulation on serious (15%) pullbacks, but we didn't get that from 1.92 last December. SIRI would have to sink below 2.00 in very short term, but I doubt it will at this point. Shallow fluctuations no longer permit significant trading profits, unless you day trade it 3% at a time, which is a colossal bore.

    • I think he just got tired of doing this. And can you blame him?


      all he had to do was say that he was going to stop his postings. he didn't have to announce his short buy. he could have said he covered and then say bye bye...he will be back very soon to prove you all wrong.

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