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  • mytek3808 mytek3808 Jun 17, 2012 9:10 AM Flag



    By 6/29 JM will have completed both forward contracts and every time SIRI falls 20 cents he will get a MARGIN CALL for 106M to cover the trigger price in the contracts. What is even worse is that LMCA's price is tied to SIRI's price and it will fall in tandem with SIRI triggering MARGIN CALLS on LMCA. The chartists will already be shorting SIRI prior to 6/29 due to the impending DEATH CROSS. Your announcement will trigger the stop loss orders sending the stock down further. At this point the convertible bondholders will see blood in the water and short this thing into oblivion. I want JM to get massive margin calls every day so we strangle his available funds. Then CNBC will run a piece saying JM is paying 2.15 for a stock that is now selling at a buck and hold him up to derision. Not only that but the value of NOLS has shrunk in half so that the economic underpinning of the takeover is gone.
    I know you are concerned about the current shareholders but they are COLLATERAL DAMAGE and they will be replaced by new shareholders. You have to understand we are in a GUNFIGHT here and we have to consider all options including the NUCLEAR one.
    I expect the stock to fall to 80 cents but once I set this in motion, I will lose control of the process and unintended consequences will surely intervene. I can't control JM's response and the CBH may push the stock down to 60 cents. Ultimately, they will cover their shorts and get on the right side of the trade and SIRI will see new highs although there will be a rough 2/3 months ahead. The decision is up to you. We need to destroy the stock to prevent the takeover.
    Last week, I predicted the spreads on the 10 YR Spanish and Italian Bond would blow out and they did. Spain will now need a bailout. The Greek election will lead to another stalemate. Greeks will continue to milk Europe for 30B a month until forced out of the Euro later this year. Equity went up this week, bond yields went down. Bonds have it right. Expect a big equity sell off soon. I am leaving for Vegas to play in the WSOP. My thoughts will appear on weekdays for the next two weeks depending on the whims of the poker gods

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