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  • wcol_2000_00 wcol_2000_00 Aug 20, 2012 10:42 AM Flag

    About RMT and de jure control

    I don't see how this is good for shareholders of Sirius. I do see it being good for Liberty shareholders.. We are at there mercy. With them in control of board and company, Anything can happen.. Osborne can not even answer this in his last article, that someone asked him.. After complete control they could drive this stock down to a price that they can afford to buy sirius completely up...Who is going to vote against it, when they hold all the cards... In my opinion, Malone does not care about the sirius shareholders... He could weave his web around the company and take it down, then buy it out extremely low... RMT is defined as a tax purpose move, I don't think it should be legal to do.. I feel as if we are going to get short end of stick as a siri shareholder.. If Malone should make a move to screw up the siri shareholder, then most of us that have stock and have service with sirius radio, should just cancel there subscription... I am quite sure, that would screw his plans up only for a good time frame.. LOL LOL LOL...
    Anyway I can not see this as being 100 percent positive news...RMT and Dejure control..
    Any thoughts on this... cause I hope im wrong on this...To me both Liberty and siri shareholders could benefit from this great company..(SIRIUS)There is no reason to be greety and screw up one side..Both sides can benefit greatly..

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    • >>>After complete control they could drive this stock down to a price that they can afford to buy sirius completely up...

      2 counterpoints:

      A) Fiduciary duty
      B) Doing what you suggest would go against anything Liberty has ever done in decades of business


    • PUt your mind at ease.

      Driving the price down and gobbling up the rest of the shares would not do anything for Liberty. They want control of the company and want to RMT it. This is true. but they can do that with controlling interest, which is about 53-54%. It serves them no purpose to drive the price down and get the rest of the shares. At this point they want the share price to rise just as we do.
      Now what happens to the share price and the shares themselves when an RMT is executed is anyone guess. Long term I do not think anyone will be hurt but what happens to the share count and share price during the RMT and just after I do not know.

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      • Thanks guys for the reply... Just seeing sirius as being a cash cow now, and growing more Free cash flow now and in the future, I'm thinking of Liberty not caring about the share price investment. If they can buy the company out cheap and merge the company into Liberty, what would they care about the share price.
        If they are in control, they could reverse split stock. The list goes on and on, what they can do... And sirius shareholders in my opinion is not on Malone mind it is the liberty shareholders...
        I'm still long on stock...And hope all works out for everyone..

        As for wahoo_mcdan... thanks for your knowledgeable reply... You opened up the doors of knowing how to invest... Its a forum of conversation...If you don't want to answer the questions, ignore me.. You sound like you have your WHOLE life investment in sirius from your response.... If sirius goes down you'll be under a bridge..Investing in cardboard boxes... I'll give you some comics to read...

    • I'll be happy to respond. Been long Liberty 18 years. Liberty is one the greatest wealth creation machines in the history of wall street. Look up DTV, DISCA, LBTYA and see the value they create for there shareholders. SIRI will become part of the family and all shareholders will be very happy

    • SIRI is now 40% of liberty's holdings if they let SIRI go down it will afect their share price as well, I don't see that happening

    • you are about as dumb as a box of rocks. you are too stupid to invest in stocks. stick with comic books and baseball trading cards.

    • I hope Homer can respond to this...

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