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  • concreteking77 concreteking77 Oct 9, 2012 12:41 AM Flag

    I miss EYE

    He was one of the best traders on this board. There hasn't been a good Quatrain in months. Maybe, if you ask nicely, he MIGHT come back. Nothing left here, but Spammers and Pumpers. What happened to this place?

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    • Confusion's growing on this board
      The Spammers rule... became the LORD
      The World of Quatrain disappeared
      The wiseman's words are never near.
      Pass me the Eye so I can see
      Past, Present, Future -- What it may be!

      (so ya ya lol)

    • What a #$%$.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It's a dead giveaway that "concreteking77" is BRUCE!

      1. "Concrete" = Polycrete (the company he is affiliated with).

      2. "77" = The same numbers several of his other ID's have ended with.

      3. This post is the FIRST post "concreteking77" has EVER posted. Why would someone who has never posted on a Yahoo messageboard come here to say he misses someone who used to post a long time ago?

      Just think about this for a second... A bald man in VA was sitting at his computer last night, around mindnight, wishing he could re-live the good old days of posting on a message board under his "infamous" old screen name "eye4profits". All that was before he was EXPOSED for the FRAUD he is! Now he has to create ID's to promote his old screen name because he doesn't want others to forget about him.

      It doesn't get any FUNNIER than THAT! Quite PATHETIC too!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Bruce if you come back that means you will have to put up with me again................. Stay away
      nobody misses your queer remarks.........

    • Gee... ya don't think "concreteking77" could be Eye/Bruce himself, do ya?


      Poor Bruce has NO supporters on this message board so he has to "create" ID's to make it seem like there is SOMEONE here who actually likes him!



      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yeah bruce come back, if you have any $ left.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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