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  • concreteking77 concreteking77 Dec 11, 2012 4:16 PM Flag

    Is this the first time in history ??

    That a company announces a dividend and buyback, and the stock goes down ?? Astounding.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • You would think shorts would be covering to avoid paying the dividend. But then again -- we are still in Siriland.

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      • Cough: Yours is a thoughtful rebuttal, but the only problem is there are more holes in what you have said than a pound of swiss cheese. I probably could write a short story in response, but since brevity is the soul of wit, I will try to condense some examples: 1-Nobody's business was directed at everyone else. You have stated the obvious which was never in contention 2-It is punishment anytime you raise anyone's taxes period. You do not understand how tax cuts work or you would not be writing this. The so called rich are already paying the lion's share and the poor are paying none. What is it you don't get? I am telling you now if Obama raises taxes the economy will tank again along with the market(which may also adversely affect this stock). YOUR taxes will also go up-guaranteed. 4-What Obama says is meaningless as he has a proven record of lying through his teeth. Someone asked me how can you tell if he is lying and I said see if his mouth is moving. I prefer to watch what he does. 5- One of the greatest economists ever was Milton Friedman who said there is no such thing as a free lunch. Liberals should study this truth every day. Every time tax cuts are put in place the economy improves, the market goes up and jobs are created. The reverse is also true. Cut spending, cut taxes and our current problem will be solved. 6-It is not whining to want the best for everyone-it is what real conservatism is all about. What are you talking about WW2? All of the great 20th century wars were run by DEMS. (WW1,WW2,Korea,Vietnam)7- I am sick and tired of you guys(libs) bashing our brave military. Do you not understand without them we have no rights and no country. We owe them a debt we can't repay . 8-Raise cap. gains and you will destroy the market. What Obama really wants is to remake America into a third world power with the gov. in control as much as possible. He is not only a terrible president,but he is not a good human being and he does not like or understand what made this country great.9- Bush is out of office for four years. He did not create this mess. Obama did and he is on the verge of not only creating a bigger and better mess, but if he gets his way the country really will go over the cliff in every sense of the word. If you want to pay more taxes you have that right,but I suspect most Americans see it otherwise. Capitalism is the greatest economic system ever devised by man and it is the foundation of our great country. We now have a leader out to dismantle it and remake our imperiled nation in his own vain image.

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