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  • raybaker35 raybaker35 Jan 18, 2013 1:55 PM Flag

    Cody Wilson Of The Wiki Weapon Project On The 3-D Printed Future of Firearms

    Please have a look at Mr Cody Wilson. What a brilliant man with the most radical, progressive, anarchistic views ive ever heard. The word anarchist is akin to the word atheist as those words used to mean you were a pariah. Now, many people are joining both movements.
    Ladies and Gentleman, i give you the future. On your 3D printer just hit print, and you could have a gun.
    Or just about anything else. This is here. You can get one now.
    Will this change the future? YES!
    Like Wallace on the rack being tortured by the tyrannical Longshanks, instead of begging for mercy he yelled
    Feel better your majesty. You and your writings inspired me to post here. I am a proud SJ constant. I would like to mover her more towards Mr Wilson, then Mr's Rand and Ron Paul who are to light.
    Peace out

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    • hey ray go fccuk yourself. sccmbbag thief.

    • I've known for a long time you are SJ

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to guggerpaul
      • u thi nk im raybaker????lk
        paul you are just a long line of constant readers of mine, and not the first to accuse me of having aliases.
        to me you are a desperate loser who craves attention out here on an irellevant stock board.
        who cares right?
        i really liked it when you came here to prove you werent your clone..... like anyone cares about you or your dopey clones. or your many ids.
        you act like your better then people out here.
        your not
        your just another sj constant reader.
        nothing more.
        now go a head and respond.
        you have my permission to call me a man and a cross dresser or what ever other borish things you have to say.
        im raybaker. and dsc. and sky. and doc. and what beast. and sweedee. and all of the clones.
        poor guy. poor poor paul.
        watch how he responds.
        he usually gets angry when chalanged.
        paul lives with his moms in her basement.
        thats what i read here anyway.
        and if its ritten here?
        its true.

    • y thank you ray! how nice of you to say. not many admit to being a constant! i looked a little llike wilson, and the 3d printing thing is amazing. unreal. what that tech might do to our culture is scary though, i mean you can manufacture a nything in your own home. wow.
      take care raybaker

    • Game change? Yes! 3D manufacturing is here now. In your own home. Google it.

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