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  • im_sirius_jen1 im_sirius_jen1 Jan 25, 2013 1:37 AM Flag


    I am indeed deeply offended by hillary's remark, 'what difference does it make'.
    What difference???l
    Obama lied straight to our faces like a hundred times. The video the video the video!
    Sleep well that night did you your highness?
    Yawnnnnnn Baby im tired, i played 2 rounds of golf, and some half court hoops. Iz tired.
    Meanwhile in a sewer called bangazi, three brave cia agents were in a fight for there lives, and they were trying to get help to save the ambasodors life. These arab scmm who were atacking the "ha Ha" embasy, more a fortifid house, were armed with heavy weapons and rockets, and had only murder on there tiny little minds. The 3 men contacted the cia and said, help! we are going to be overrun, and killed. The pentagon said no. There were forces near enough by to help them. Heck the fight lasted over seven hours.
    7 hours
    One of the cia agents at another base or safe house got the message to stand down and do not assist. He DISREGARDED the order to stand down, and he went to help fellow Americans dying for there country fighting an overwhelming foe thirsty for slippery guts.
    He disregarded the order to stand down.
    He disregarded the order to stand down.
    He disregarded the order to stand down.
    He new it was a suiside mission.
    Our ambassador whs raped and killed in the street.
    I wonder if barry, while dreaming of white boys in chains, snores? Do you think he made nice little sleepy noises that night? While our guys faught for seven hours.
    Help us! Help us!
    snoer snore
    Were dying were dying!
    Snooz snooz
    What did she say again? What difference does it make? Yeah thats what she said.
    and barry stuck with it to, he kept right on saying that for weeks. He said it at the UN knowing full well that it wansnt ture.
    4 dead he went to bed
    4 dead he went to bed
    4 dead he went to bed
    For some reason the pentagon would not protect there own. They new what was going on. Why didnt they help? Anyone? Huh? They had the means to help and they did not, would not try to save other agents lives????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder if the indolent barry even new about it. I think he may be so detached that his people are afraid to wake him up for trivial things like our ambassador getting raped and mur derd in the streets.
    Hillary treated this like it was a cartoon or something.
    She never saw any missives by Stevens begging for help?
    That right?
    Never saw them?
    She is an arogant discusting life long politicain.
    I think the person who orderd the troops to stand down, and not go help those guys should be tried for treason.
    I also want the person who OKd the obsurdly mendacious story about the protest and the video. I want the persons name. Where did the buck stop there barry?
    You big fat liar.
    Its been a long time since this country has been this divided, you race baiting pig politician.
    You are a coward on this bengazi thing, and clinton is a disgrace. A DISGRACE!
    O well when you think about it.....
    What difference does it make.
    Somehow the first brownish president gets a pass on this unthinkable debacle. He gets a pass. Just like that. And there are some who will not get what im saying here. They actually think he handled this right.
    the buck stops at his desk.
    4 dead
    he went to bed.
    (I bet he has a nice desk to)

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