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  • pfswsucks pfswsucks Feb 5, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    Obama on track for best 8 year stock return any president in US history ! G W Bush is worst !


    Obama is best ever !!

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    • TRUTH killin' dukin' pandorkan bushmults.

    • I must finally agree-he is the best: Best at all of these: running up debts, creating unemployment,creating class division,creating racial tensions,creating more gov expansion and dependence,higher taxes, making more poverty, ,getting Americans killed for no reason,cover ups, lies,having a corrupt adm.,alienating our friends,supporting our enemies and tearing the fabric of this once most awesome super power on earth. All this with no private economic experience, but he knows what is best.

    • If you believe that you are a sad nut case..... 10 years after he leaves office you will feel the real hurt of his powers... Look up ---- Drone strikes on Americans on U.S. soil are LEGAL, says confidential Justice Department memo ------ in Google and you can thank Osama for that as well.... His ObamaCare is a slap to all American faces... You have not even seen the start of that FAILED SYSTEM!!! Give me a break man.... No Jobs for Americans so we let all those here illegal stay and taking American jobs... You can't tell me some Americans on welfare can't hold those jobs... If you do I call bullshat all day... people are lazy and when given everything including free cellphone where is the advantage to get off welfare?

    • due to fed easing. not obama. obama is the worst president in US history. and its not even close. 10 trillion in debt when he took office (built up over 240 years). 16 trillion in debt now. unemployment the same.

    • Is that you Barak??? Hiding behind an alias called pfswsucks??? Best 8 yr gain in history is easy when the market crashes just after you take office! Obama is the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!!! Chew on that turdboy!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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