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  • bca4me bca4me Feb 11, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    Shorts= "Runnin Scared"!!!!

    Got em right where they want them NOW= only increased by another 21 million to over 400 million shares. Got the shorts right where they want them= what can they do with only 400 million short shares= L M F A O!

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    • To question the motives and judgement of those who've committed over 1.2 billion$$ in shorted shares seems beyond naieve!
      Most of these shares R held by institutions who R NOT participating in "their 1st rodeo". Unlikely that they've "over-extended themselves" in "too risky an investment".
      Sure, there could B a "massive short squeeze" @ any unexpected moment, But, in fact, THAT'S 'bout as likely as an asteroid hitting our planet!!
      No, as long as a 400 million shorted share total is attached to siri's shares, this stock will continue to follow the program that these shorted share holders have attached to it, and, the metrics and daily accomplishments will have very little impact on S/V= ANY questions as 2 WHY siri's share pr. remains "locked" 2 a 3.15 max?? Ask the M+M'S whov've shorted 400 mil shares= they can ans THAT quest.!

    • are we hosed ? could it have something to do with the buyback ?

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