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  • tobeornot Mar 6, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    Who Is The Most Popular Poster On This Board?

    It's not even close. SJ makes people come here to see what she will say next.
    Even though she is an ill advised provocateur, her message resonates with the people about the insane lunacy that has taken over this country.
    I believe that she is rich. She talks like someone from money.
    I buy the story of why she can't spell. She uses words like, acquiesence, and appears to have a strong grasp of current events. (She spells it akweeessence) LOL!
    I believe she owns siri, and for some reason has fallen in love with it.
    I believe her when she says she is a satirist.
    She is also a race baiter. Why? To push her righteous fight against double standards? I guess.
    Her writing style is incendiary, and insights passionate responses.
    And all this on a fairly obscure stock message board?
    Everything about the self proclaimed Queen of siri rings true.
    I've been following her for about a year after i stumbled onto "Her" board, and i have been pleasantly intrigued ever since.
    Long live the Queen? Sure, i come here everyday, and i consider myslef one of her constants. I have turned a dozen or so people onto her posts.
    By the way i am a democrat who voted for Obama twice, and now i am begining to see the error of my ways, and i feel deceived.
    Jen? Whoever you are? Thanks for the daily read, and for opening my mind to a different perspective. When you did that post, listing all of O's lies, it really turned my head around, and now i'm not sure what to think.
    I think all of Jen's constants should give her a shout out. There is no one like her in the stock blogosphere world, and credit should be given when its due.
    No. I am not sirius jen. Just a fan.
    Free diving for 2 minutes at 40ft? Very impressive.

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