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  • mattaart mattaart Apr 1, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    PP (political post)


    hey I'm glad some of you see value in these conversations, andI have to admit it's kind of a rush to be in an unending battle with a political adversary who just won't give up.
    but I am secure in the vast knowledge of political history I have, as well as having the world's knowledge immediately available at my fingertips (google).
    I grew up in the Wash. DC area. where the daily goings on inside the Capitol covered the first several pages of the daily Wash. Post, and even the style section was full of politics -- the gala events held the night before, what the senators' spouses wore, etc.
    (end intro)
    Today we are so blessed to have an African American president -- none of us ever thought would happen in our lifetimes. It only happened because the failure during 2001-2008 was SO COLOSSAL, the Dems could have run almost anybody and won in 2008. That's how sick and tired (and numb) we were after eight long years of stress and terror alerts, and war and killing we were.
    That downward economic slide of 2008 seems like a dream now, but with 750,000 jobs lost PER MONTH, who wasn't in fear that their layoff notice will come that day at work? And with home prices suddenly plummeting everyone stopped spending, cut their subscriptions, stopped the car washes and restaurant trips... and the economy is suddenly in a seemingly irreversible downward spiral, except 3 or 4 times worse than we'd ever seen.
    That was Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2008 and Jan '09.
    That was when our Treasury Secretary (former head of Goldman Sachs) suddenly demanded that Congress give the banks $800 BILLION (you remember this as "TARP"), with no strings attached, just DO IT NOW. The bank bailout. that seems so universally hated in every poll, and seemed to me at the time to be Bush's cronies' last grab at truckloads of cash as they were about to be booted out the door.
    All the car companies were suddenly on the verge of BK. Romney said "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt".
    End of Our World.
    1/20/2009: enter Obama...

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