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  • mattaart mattaart Apr 3, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    PP (political post 4/03/2013)


    Some excellent info here -- google "wiki Job losses caused by the Great Recession".
    Please look at the job loss graph image on that wiki page, and tell me who the president was at its highest point, and who the president was during the gray shaded areas (recessions).
    The monthly breakdown of the exact numbers is staggering.
    You have no idea, nor does anyone who gets their news exclusively from Fox.
    Nosplit - please comment.

    Of course Obama is "responsible" for the hand he was dealt, the economy we have right now, meaning he has to try to fix it -- but he's not "responsible" meaning it was he who caused the problem, which began in 12/2007 and got very much worse starting in 9/2008.
    The word has multiple meanings.
    I'm "responsible" for my dog, meaning I have to feed and care for him daily, etc...
    I'm "responsible" if he bites a neighbor or damages property.
    But I'm not "responsible" for him coming into the world, in the sense that his father was.
    Do you see it's two different things? Yes or No?
    The Great Depression took a DECADE to recover from -- through huge make work projects like the Hoover Dam, Works Progress Administration (WPA), and even ultimately WWII to life us out -- how can you expect the Great Recession to be fully fixed in FOUR years, and without any republican voting to assist recovery, not a dime of help?
    You can't sit on the sidelines not helping, and at the same time complain the recovery is too slow.

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