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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Sep 17, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

    Time to buy SIRI guys and gals!

    The share price created a new 52-week high just 5 days ago. 12 September. In looks set to produce another one this week. Auto Sales could disappoint (and they probably won't) this month and it wouldn't matter since the 1st 2 months out of the quarter were HOT. This means SIRI's next earnings report is almost certain to surprise on the up side.

    Of course, the market is forward thinking. In the future we have the closing of AGERO to look forward to in Q4. Once that is behind us....We will see a pretty big impact to revenue / operating cash flow / you name it as SIRI becomes one of the biggest players in Automotive Connected Services.

    The great news about SIRI is that there is no sign that they will do a REVERSE STOCK SPLIT.....ever.....As they probably don't need to given their ability to buy back shares in the billions of dollars. Half-way through a $2 Billion Buyback as we speak.

    Should you INVEST LONG and STRONG in SiriusXM the very week that APPLE introduces their ITUNES Radio? You bet.... The reason there will be such limited impact for SIRIUS XM when Apple and other Competitors start putting out their Radio Station Streaming APPs or expanding them...... Is due to the large quantity and quality of exclusive content..... Particularly all of the SPORTING Channels....NFL....BASEBALL....SOCCER....You Name it.....

    Guess who has FOX NEWS and FOX BUSINESS?? SIRIUS XM.

    Guess who can deliver GLEN BECK's The Blaze News Network online and through your car?
    Who has HOWARD STERN right now?

    If that's not enough imagine a Radio Station that can deliver to you an entire LIVE CONCERT experience from Up and Coming Artists like "THE XX" ??? It is channel SiriusXMU that delivers that...along with Interviews, Acoustic Shows, of all of your favorite NEW artists.

    Don't let the Naysayers try and convince you that SIRIUS XM can't deliver anything their competitors don't already have. The TRUTH is the other way around and them some.

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    • I firmly believe the NOL swap for Liberty to use their cash to buy back SIRI stock will happen because it`s a huge win for Malone and Liberty and obviously we`ll benefit as SIRI share holders for sure. If I`m right 20 bucks a share is easy peasy. 6 billion in NOL`s is a lot of SIRI stock bought back,it`s gonna be the biggest game changer for SIRI shareholders to date and I for one will be doing that gold rush jig happy dance.Look for it to happen after the first buy back is completed,Malone`s gonna crush the shorts,never mind the fact that if he combines that news with expansion to South America it`s goodnight Irene for sad old Shorty and the Sirius squeeze us longs have been waiting for will be stellar.

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    • I agree with everything you've said. I would just add, if the stock price does not hit a new high this week (or even next week), do not get frustrated. New highs ARE coming. As someone who has followed this stock DAILY for the last 7 years, there is a lot of manipulation in the price, BUT now SIRI is in control along with Liberty Media in the form of a stock BUYBACK. The buybacks will likely continue for quite a while....when the $2 BILLION(!!) buyback is complete, expect another buyback in the near future. The company is making money hand over fist, and there is no sign of this changing.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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