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  • dukeufinstu dukeufinstu Nov 10, 2013 7:26 AM Flag

    Duke: All Buybacks Are Not Created Equal--Part 2

    The problem of the unfunded BB is being exacerbated by the poor judgment of the current management in utilizing all this cash in the 4th Q. Each decision in and of itself was a good one but collectively the expose the company to a short attack and thus collectively they are bad. Football coaches routinely say it is all a matter of execution. I agree. We need to execute the current management team that didn't see this coming.
    The other problem is that you have to learn this from a guy who is totally clueless. If you are a genius you don't understand this kind of stuff and most of those guys won't understand this even when they read it. If you don't understand it, the guys writing about SIRI are financially illiterate. My suggestion is they consider a career change to fiction which is what they do best. CN is the only worthwhile read but he doesn't understand how the stuff he writes about impacts the PPS. Reminds me of Homer. The others are a joke.
    I have some good news and bad news for you. The good news is that now that you came to the Land of the Duke you have become PARTIALLY CLUELESS, the good news is you have a long way to go before you become TOTALLY CLUELESS.
    I'm thinking there may be some advertising value here. Come to the Land of The Duke and become clueless. What do you think? Save you venom. I'm doing another post after a Starbuck's. More bad news. I'm explaining how the stock gets to $2.50. Blame it on Stanley Tool. He provoked me and I've lost control or I can't wait to see you reaction. Take you pick.

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    • WW
      You seemed to have missed this.

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      • Apparently I have. But like I said before, I was pretty sure the gang would dupe me - which is why I sold half the Core earlier in the year when it became clear to me JM was going to be getting some of his off the table. So unless we go to 0, the boys can't take me lucky charms. I do find it hard to believe JM has missed this round of Hunger Games though. And even if he had the blinders on like me, gotta imagine he had himself a MCD senior coffee on Sunday and is working on his Sicilian Defense.

        All this just to 'stick it to a guy'. I mean, I know this ain't my Great Provider's WS but do we really have to ruin everything in life just to have a little fun. Why not just accept the L. If they truly believe SIRI should not exist, roll the Converts into new ones for 3-5 more years. Everybody wins.

    • Lmfao at this Troll! Hahaha!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hey #$%$........I mean Duke - Why do you only give part of the info. The company stated "Sirius XM will fund the buyback through cash, future cash flow from operations, and new debt." Seems you forgot the 3rd source, which is new debt. Kind of destroys your whole B.S. article, now doesn't it. Ok, we are going to give you another chance - go back to the drawing board and concoct another fantasy. You are a total joke.

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      • While I admit i'm not the most experienced investor, wahoo is correct. When SIRI announced the initial buyback program, they did state the quote that wahoo wrote. Which is the exact same statement SIRI made with the second buyback announcement. Therefore, there is no "funded vs. unfunded" argument.
        Duke, please correct me if I am wrong, and provide Company stated information to support your "funded vs. unfunded" claim.

    • You're a joke. NOT one of your predictions has come true. Why should anyone believe you now? You're like the Pied piper and the tune your playing is toxic to those very naieve shareholders who choose to listen.

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      • He crawls out from under his rock like the slug he is,bright an early on Sunday Morning,coincidence? The stock is ready for a bounce and here he is spending hours of his time on a Sunday bright an early, looking to influence the stock for Monday morning by spinning his Negative lies.He did this last Sunday,and many fools who should`nt own Sirius in the first place got swayed by this clown.He`s a short, and he`s doing a hit piece on Sirius to help himself make more money on his short, by convincing weak minded fools who are stupid enough to believe this Lying Jack off,to sell their long position.I`m sure Cramer getting involved on Friday by saying Siri is oversold and is a buy here,has this POS sweating his short position,and here he is spinning his lies once again.

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