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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Aug 6, 2014 11:35 AM Flag


    Alias_again says Bill Clinton never found guilty of lying and impeachment doesn't count. What about the fact that the judge Clinton lied to pulled his law license or that Clinton had to pay money damages settling out of court for another case outside of Monica Lewinsky's case?

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    • cant; you politically cheer-lead on a message board more appropriate than the arbitrary siri stock board?

    • yes..
      And i feel so bad for the clintons that they were broke when they left the white house, even though they put $800k down on the house in NY, plus got a $1.8 million mortgage for the balance of the house's price....

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      • Feb 5, 1992:
        "In the last week of the 1990 campaign, the Clintons took out two personal loans totaling $100,000, to use in the 1990 campaign. The $100,000 notes are due on demand and have not yet been paid back. In its most recent state filings, Mr. Clinton's committee reports that it still owes the money.
        A review of Mr. Clinton's personal and political finances shows that he has accumulated little personal wealth. He has spent most of his career in public service, and as Governor he earns only $35,000 a year, plus a little more than $5,000 in honorariums or speaking fees last year. As a result, he has accumlated far fewer assets than his wife, Hillary, a lawyer and senior partner in the Rose law firm in Little Rock."

        Clintons Pay Off Legal Bills
        Jun 14, 2005
        More than four years after leaving office, former President Bill Clinton has finally paid off his legal bills, reports CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss.
        He and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., owed millions to lawyers who defended them during the years-long investigation of Whitewater and other business dealings and helped in the Monica Lewinsky impeachment mess.
        The news was revealed in financial disclosure forms filed by Sen. Clinton that show she and her husband no longer have any legal debts and are now more than comfortable financially, with millions of dollars in income, mostly from a pair of best-selling memoirs.

        Sounds like righties are maybe a little JEALOUS -- I thought you guys likes those "rags to riches" stories of Americana...?
        Clinton left us with A BALANCED BUDGED, and a TRILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS.
        Dubya turned that around within two short years,
        and HE left us with two TRILLION DOLLAR WARS, and a TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT,
        and a bill for $1.5 TRILLION for 2,443 new F-35 warplanes.

        But you despise Clinton, and you won't talk about that other guy, the dog portrait painter.
        Your rightie priorities ARE REALLY SCREWED UP.

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    • FACT: Clinton was ACQUITTED.
      FACT: Impeachment means NOTHING when it's used in the partisan way that Repubs do.
      We note that most Repubs wanting an Obama impeachment CAN'T EVEN ARTICULATE WHAT THE "HIGH CRIME" IS. But does that stop them? OF COURSE NOT! Nor does the will of the people.
      FACT: A simple majority vote in the House of Reps. is all it takes.

      Reagan LIED UNDER OATH 87 TIMES -- Dems could have impeached him easily, but didn't.
      Dubya LIED US INTO A MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR WAR -- Dems could have impeached him easily, but Mancy Pelosi (don't you love her for this?) quashed any talk of impeaching, with her statement "impeachment is off
      the table".
      LYING (it was NOT a lie) about SEXUAL FIDELITY is certainly not what the Founding Fathers had in mind for IMPEACHMENT -- "HIGH CRIMES" was obviously meant for the Nixon-Reagan crimes, starting secret wars with secret money, in violation of US law, secret arms deals with terrorists, break-ins of the Dem headquarters and paying off the burglars with hush money pulled from your campaign contributions...

      As for disbarment, that was pushed by partisan Clinton haters as well.

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      • Clinton was fined $150,000 by the judge for lying in a court of law, which he paid.

        Question: At any time were you and Monica alone together in the Oval Office?
        Answer: I don't recall, but as I said...

        Q. So I understand, your testimony is that it was possible, then, that you were alone with her, but you have no specific recollections of that ever happening?
        A. Yes, that's correct.

        There's no evidence whatsoever Reagan or Bush lied Louise. If Bush lied we would have some report that was delivered to him proving that but there isn't any. Constant repetition of a claim doesn't make something true.

        Per Wikipedia:

        The Independent Counsel concluded that President Clinton testified falsely on three counts under oath in Clinton v. Jones. However, Ray chose to decline criminal prosecution in favor of what the Principles of Federal Prosecution call "alternative sanctions". This included being impeached.

        In other words Ray said that since Clinton was impeached, criminal prosecution wasn't needed.

        The Arkansas Supreme Court suspended Clinton's Arkansas law license in April 2000. On January 19, 2001, Clinton agreed to a five-year suspension and a $25,000 fine in order to avoid disbarment and to end the investigation of Independent Counsel Robert Ray (Starr's successor). On October 1, 2001, Clinton's U.S. Supreme Court law license was suspended, with 40 days to contest his disbarment. On November 9, 2001, the last day for Clinton to contest the disbarment, he opted to resign from the Supreme Court Bar, surrendering his license, rather than facing penalties related to disbarment.

        No one with any intellectual honesty tries to claim he didn't commit perjury Louise From Europe.

      • Fact !!!! clinton was.....not acquitted ! he was impeached !! the house impeaches !! the (at that time,democratic senate) did not remove ! as they should have!! But as we all know.....democrats have no shame !! you didnt do well in high school civics did you....................loser???????

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      • Dems could have impeached Reagan but didn't? Impeachment means nothing even though it only happened twice in over 200 years? (both dems) You are one strange duck but a funny one

    • SOOOoooooo

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