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  • B_J_45 B_J_45 Mar 23, 2001 11:52 AM Flag

    BUY ??

    I have been watching this stock since last December. Would this be a good time to buy?

    BJ 45

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    • <EOM>

    • LOL!! I have never said there is anything wrong with the solar panels.. I have said just the opposite.. That it is probably no big deal.. And it is not the reason for the recent plunge in equity price..

      "You are approaching irrelevance and an ignore status by many on these boards."

      I have made alot of money on the short side.. You have lost alot of money on the Long Side. I Guess you could call that Irrelevance if you so desire..

      LOL!! Do me a favor.. Go over to the GSTRF board and ask them how many of them put me on IGNORE over the past year?? Then ASK them how many wish they hadn't done so?

      That is a true sign of denial in investing.. If someone provides a perspective that one "Has FAITH" that is incorrect.. They stick their fingers in their ears, and sing a tune so they don't have to hear what others have to say...

      It's the road to financial ruins..


    • Look back at the posts on the dropped satellite. I certainly did not dismiss the posted "rumor" as FUD. What is FUD is EXACTLY what you are trying to do with the solar panels. You live by FUD. Please let us know now what other old news you will try and repackage as new news over the next few weeks or will you keep us in suspense? You are approaching irrelevance and an ignore status by many on these boards.

    • PCSTEL:
      I'm sorry I was signing off, then I saw your last post, so I guess I'm not gone yet.

      First of all, I still don't see your FACTS. I have posted, in detail, why SIRI is not like GSTRF. The summary that by the time G* got going, there was no longer a market need for its services, PERIOD. Also, G* never had Ford and DaimlerChrylser installing their cell phones like SIRI will for its radios. The only simularity is that they are both capital intensive companies. But even so, SIRI only needed to put up 3 satellites, not the 48 satellites that G* needs. So SIRI is much less capital intensive than G*.

      So it comes back to what I said earlier, either you believe that there is a market for SDARS or you don't. I have some facts that say there is, but I haven't seen any facts from you that say there isn't. In fact you just said: "I think the concept of Satellite Radio in cars is a pretty cool idea."

      I'm sorry, but you just seem to keep contradicting yourself.

      By the way I know you never said that "this stock sucks.." I apologise, I took some liberty paraphasing what I think your opinion is, though now I must admit, since you keep contradicting yourself, whatever you really believe is confusing to me. (Do I remember right that you now actually own 250,000 shares of G* at pennies per share or did I dream that?)

      Just because you were right about G* (and by the way I never believed in that concept either so good luck with your G*) doesn't mean that has any applicability to SIRI.

      Really gone now so you can have the last word.

    • "All I've seen from you so far is mindless bashing without logic or meaningful explanation. When I say I believe in this company,"

      Mindless Bashing?? Who me??

      You see.. That is a trait of a novice investor.. You believe that any one's opinon that differs from yours should just be considered "Mindless Bashing" and discounted.. I can't tell you the MILLIONS of Times I was told that over on the GSTRF thread!!

      And I have never made a statement that says..."This stock sucks". As you propose..

      All I have stated is that Time and Money is against SIRI.. That's it!! It's simple Economics.. Cash Burn and the large amount of Cash Resoursces that will be required to Properly Market this service..

      We are talking Hundreds of Millions of Dollars..

      I think the concept of Satellite Radio in Cars is a pretty cool idea.. But, it's acceptance in the market place WILL TAKE YEARS.. Just as Satellite TV did.. Just as Cellular Phones did!.. And all that Time cost MONEY!! Money that DM will extract fromt he public equity markets..

      So if you are really looking at SIRI as a LONG TERM investment.. Then you should probably wait until the Picture becomes clear..

      Like it or not.. XMSR will probably beat SIRI to market.. And if XMSR "take up rate" is unsatisfactory to "The Street".. Then both SIRI and XMSR will be punished further..

      Sure SIRI will claim.. We use different technology, Different programming, etc.. And will try to convince everyone that SIRI does not equal XMSR..

      So you had better hope that XMSR starts selling EVERY RADIO they can produce.. Becuase if XMSR burps.. Then SIRI will feel the fall out..

      I have seen you and siriuspatience use terms like.. You have to have FAITH..

      There is no place in the market for "Faith Investors"..

      You have to have FACTS, how the market reacts to previous companies in like industries..

      Delays in radios, Delays in start of service, It's all like a carbon copy of Globalstar..

      And so it goes..


    • BOPRN:
      My comments about not backing up your opinions with fact apply to you also. Please, please tell me why, WITH FACTS to back you up, SIRI will go to $8.

      The only FACTS I've seen concerning solar panels is Kidd and other analysts who actually TALKED to SIRI engineering who clearly said THERE IS NO PROBLEM. Even Witt admitted in their downgrade statement, that any problems were probably minor and would not affect performance.

      AND one more time. How about the FACT that the SAT broadcasts actually surpass expections. This from third party consultants.

      BOTTOM LINE: YOU AND PCSTEL HAVE NO FACTS. All you have is bull (or is it bear?). I do.

    • is thru Q1 of 2002. After Q1 2002 this stock will be thru the roof. Before then who knows, certainly lower is possible, certainly signficantly higher within 30 days is VERY likely if SIRI would announce things as noted in the prior post of always long.

    • Let's start with the facts, then I'll add some conjecture FWIW:

      At the latest, sometime this summer SAT radios will be available and SIRI will officially be "open for business". When this happens, they will start a $100 million advertising campaign. A lot of people will hear about satellite radio for the first time then. Some of these people may want to invest in this "new" industry.

      By mid-Spring, all the repeaters will be installed and fully operational. (As of Feb. 21, 2001, 60 of the 94 repeaters were "substantially completed" and SIRI said the others will be completed during the 2Q01.)

      According to third party "system testers" the satellite radio system including the repeaters is working "better than expected." Everyone who has heard the quality of the broadcast is very impressed.

      Sometime this Spring SAT capable radios using discete chips (not the Lucent Chips) will be available and will be sold in the 11 million car radio aftermarket. Conjucture is that this will happen next month, April.

      Most unofficial sources have said that sometime this summer, Ford, DaimlerChrylser and BMW at a minimum will announce their plans to install SIRI SAT radios in some of their 2002 model cars (sold starting Aug. 2001). These companies already have signed alliance agreements with SIRI. The number of SIRI radios installed will depend mostly on radio production capacity.

      Fact: By early summer, XMSR will also start advertising and selling. This will also help SIRI by adding consumer awareness of satellite radio.

      Now some conjecture:

      Conjecture based on solid sources:
      Any day now SIRI will announce that the 8th and final chipset has been completed by Lucent and is in pre-production. They will also announce that by August, production quantities of this chip will be made.

      Any day now SIRI will announce plans to install SIRI radios in other brand cars such as Honda, Toyota, Suburu, Mazda, etc.

      Any day now SIRI will announce additional programming choices (about 20 channels are still open).

      I'm sure I'm missing some other points so maybe someone else can add other things.

      The bottom line, I believe that as these things start to happen, this stock will take off. Maybe sooner rather than later. This last statement is just my opinion based on the above reasons.

      • 1 Reply to always_long01
      • You forgot one...

        Any day now SIRI stock price will actually GO UP for once!!

        Figure it out..

        XMSR is trading with a market cap of 400 million .

        SIRI has a market cap of 680 million..

        XMSR has chip sets and radios "In Production" according to management..

        If the next launch is successful.. Then XMSR will beat SIRI to market..

        Why is SIRI valued at almost 60% more than XMSR?

        Support is at 8 1/16..


    • Someday, maybe five or ten years from now you are going to read in some finacial magazine that "if you invested $2000 in 2001 in SIRI you would now have a zillion dollars" So my answer is if your thinking long term now is a excellent time to buy. A few cents up or down won't make any difference in 2008.

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