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  • BOPRN BOPRN Apr 18, 2001 7:22 PM Flag

    CONFERENCE CALL !!!!!!!!



    here we go again

    'If you plan to diseminate mis-information, please get your facts straight...'

    'What do you mean by "Developing" and "Proven"...'

    well, let me disinformation in my post, nope...cant find any. so lets see.

    "Developing" technology is that which is being developed for future use by an associated product thus enhancing the 'life style' of future generations. it would seem to me that siri is just EXACTLY that, a developing technology. the tech siri is developing is not used for its purpose; to deliver sat radio to cars here in the us. perhaps i am wrong, i will attempt to pick up some sat radio in my car now LOL.

    'Proven'. from the standpoint of larger companies (those that might be interested in buying shares of siri or completly buying siri out) proven is meaning that the system is operational AND more importantly profitable. that is what 'proven' would mean.

    now where is the mis-information? should i go do some 'DD and check out'? i was once a telecom guy who saw lots and lots of good things on paper, but EVERY time we would put reality to the test it would get stalled. for sure things work out, but it ALWAYS (and siri is provit this right now) takes more time than planned. this stuff aint simple and there are always snags (or do you think i am giving 'mis-information' out there too?

    as for the stock price getting to $1000, you may have just injured your credability. in the past i have done some 'lengthy discussion'(s) regarding where the stock price has the potential to go, and backed it up with general figures. i honestly dont think the stock will get very high because once this is a proven company someone will want to buy them out....or (and i think this may be happening now) some companies will loan them money to make this entire system work for shares of the company which will delute (sic?) the value of your shares. this is very unfortunate because HONEST people have put real money into this stock and would like a return on their risk. souless bastards (also known as corporations) are the more likely to get the return, but only after it has been proven to them that it is a SAFE return.

    just my opinion

    This topic is deleted.
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