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  • lackawana267 lackawana267 Oct 30, 2008 6:56 PM Flag

    Great news....

    This is the most uninformed board I ever read. Doesn't anyone have anything to say about the lousey news about this company. We're going nowhere fast. What's going on in China. When will this building be done. What else is going on. Does this company have all it's eggs in China.

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    • Try the Raging Bull site...lots of comments. The problem is UGNE mgmt. puts out almost no informaion because what they could say would be a poor reflection on their performance.

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      • on RB there are too many idiots now ..

        But I know basically everything about this company.

        Just ask

        Key here is: FDA approval of the SPA (should come in any day!). Once we have that, a partner will be presented (unless he walked away because of what ever reason). But the said on the cc that they have at least 2 back up partners. Problem might be in such a case that they have to sit down with the lawyers again etc which could postpone it to spring.

        PTH trial and following GSK reimbursment is absolut key. The reimbursment might only be a mln or maybe two and I guess the market will not understand what that means:

        a.) GSK will move then next spring into phase II triggering about 15mln
        b.) the oral tech works for everything. (Problem up untill now are those peptides (like pth) with a narrow therapeutic window which means that a large variability is not tolerated)

        Further on they are 6 feasibilities going on for about 9 months or so. Results should be in and anytime a new partner could be announced. (lucky if we see one this year, but I sure expect about 2-3 in 09)

        China approval is long overdue. Suspect its tight to the finalization of the china manufacturing capabilities. Timeline here is early 09 as well.

        SDBG should move into humans soon too (next 4 months).

        all in all! Lot is going on and nothing is priced in. Worst case is that nothing happens untill NVS comes out with its sct pill (indication for OA: 6bn, OP: 2bn, RA, 1bn market potential, royalty rate of 5% to ugne!)