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  • climbwitharope climbwitharope Jun 18, 2012 8:36 AM Flag

    About Greece, Jive and

    Greece narrowly voting for the Euro is actually very bad news for the markets. It just means that we'll continue with the old crisis, pouring money into bankrupt Greece that will never pay it back, thus in fact weakening the stronger economies of the Eurozone, because the citizens of those economies are presented the bill with austerity measures. The shortlived jubilation is already fizzling out as we speak. You can't keep fooling the markets that the Eurozone leaders are trying to rescue Greece, while in fact it is the big banks they are trying to save, having foolishly kept lending money to Greece, Italy, and Spain.

    Greece and Europe would be much better off with Greece defaulting and going back to the Drachme. Look at Poland, member of the European Union, but not having the Euro. Their economy thrives as never before. Russia was bankrupt in the 90's. Look at where their economy is now.

    Likewise, BIG profitable rivals of Jive, snatching up competitors, Microsoft buying Yammer, Oracle buying Rightnow, SAP buying Successfactors, is actually very bad news for Salesforce and Jive, that cannot even make money for their shareholders without much competition. In fact they are losing ever more money. Imagine where they will end up now that they face serious competition from the giants that DO make money.

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    • Ah, Grasshopper, tsk, tsk... What you fail to take into account is that Jive has an impressive growth rate and is completely focussed on the right niche growth market at the right time. As the lumbering BIG boys, who have forgotten what it means to REALLY solve specific customer needs and try to leap before they learn into this non-traditional niche for them, the small, nimble niche players (like Jive) scurry around gathering an impressive customer base until its too late for the BIG boys to do anything but either 1) forever accept them as an constant competitor (like CSCO had to do with JNPR) or 2) acquire them for a hefty sum (like LU had to do with ASND). Trust me, the BIG boys are worrying too much about how they're going to compete against each other. They're too arrogant to have Jive on their radar as a serious competitor yet. Unlike CSCO and LU, the smartest BIG boys will recognize early that Jive will be a huge weapon to have in their war chest to compete against the other BIG boys. JIVE is an early-entry, quality-focussed, small company in a growth niche that's in its infancy but the niche is here to stay. Its a dream come true for any investor. Just ask the past investors of JNPR and ASND! Watch and learn, Grasshopper, and maybe you'll catch the next one.

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