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  • dalerobin777 dalerobin777 Feb 24, 2012 5:12 PM Flag

    any reasons for weakness? just curious

    Last Friday was the same I think...Profit taking-crude prices-rumor of export tax..

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    • My take...

      Who cares?

      First you need to realize hfc is a manipulated stock ....then you need to realize your stock will not go straight up or down.....then you need to realize refinery stocks always cycle big .....

      Right now HFC is making good money...every day. The stock is priced well , which makes it safe to invest in ....

      My point is you can buy on the drops...and sell when you get the POP....

      Then you don't care ..... Let the market move the price to 22 or 38 .... Just realize where you are in the spread ....and right now hfc was nearer to 38 then 23 was bound to reset. It did .

      Yesterday was a buy worry mate.....and if it goes down Monday it is another buy....and if instead on Monday it goes up it is a sell...obviously it is not that simple...but you get the picture....

      Me...I am holding into the CC coming up after buying and selling a few times over the past two weeks for a nice I want the special divvy.

      My not fret over the manipulation of the it.....

      Good Luck...HFC is a solid company .....for now...


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      • Well, WNR is up today and HFC is down again now down over 5% from Thur high heading into earnings tomorrow. WNR has a history of missing and HFC the reverse but WNR is performing better for some inexplicable reason. Hanging in for .50/share when the stock is now down 1.70/share in 2 days? That's another reason I don't like the special. WNR is barely paying any divvy + is down only 2.4% in the same time frame as HFC so what good is that payout. They/we would have been better off if they kept the cash. Mr market discounted the divvy almost the moment they announced it.
        The higher price of crude is defintely weighing on the sector as a whole and ignoring where refiner's are sourcing their crude. The cheapest gas prices are in CO right now.

      • To:ah673000

        What ever happened to buy and hold. You stupid day trader. I hope you lose your shirt.

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