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  • mario_themario mario_themario Jun 18, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    Howard Weil downgrade

    They upgraded them on 10/13/11 to market outperform. The stock was 31.66 or $1 less than it is today. Earnings revision have gone up, they upped the divvy and paid out $1/share in specials, so how did they come up with the downgrade?!?!? The specials alone put it at par with the price on that date.

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    • Just ask the guys protecting the pres.
      I have read + listened to those as well, including Medellin. All have +'s + -'s and you need to be fluent in spanish except for Belize which is english speaking, to survive. In central america it will be hot + humid but there are locations that have a more moderate climate + Ecuador + Medellin do have areas that are not humid + have a constant temp. There are numerous choices including asia and even europe.

    • Read an article about Equador that sounded good. Prostitution is legal in all those Countries..LOL

    • Just called my Senator and my U S Rep's offices and both denied any such taxes are even thought of rather than they are in any committee.
      I am not playing ostrich, but you two are certainly playing "the sky is falling"

      Irresponsible statements like these are what got us stuck with Bush 43 for 8 years.

    • I have attended one living overseas conference and will attend another in Panama. I am looking at Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize. I will buy some property after I live there for at least 6 months to decide if its the right place for me. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, not unlike looking at places to retire in the states. I am looking at part time residency overseas. A friend of mine who has been retired for several years told me to pick Belize since he's an avid scuba diver + Belize has the 2nd largest coral reef in the world.

    • I didn't say it was law I said it was in process and both taxes, on retirement acct's + on real estate transactions are in committe. There are numerous ideas being talked about and there will be some impact on 401K's period. There is way too much money in these acct's for politicians not to look at ways at getting at that money sooner than later.

      Don't play ostrich, its your money and if you choose to believe that these vehicles will stay status quo you are living under a rock.
      SS was set up and was a separate acct that the gov started borrowing against years ago, that's why its in trouble.

    • Both you guys should go to fact check and find out how pathetic your rumors are. Are we Faux News listeners?

    • Which Country in South America ? Sounds like a good place to move to. I also believe Obama has another 3% tax coming up in 2013 to tax 3% on all realestate sales. Hope Romney drives this as an issue.

    • I closed that account last year. I am also looking at moving some money off shore into a swiss acct + a bank in central america, all after taxes so there is zero tax exposure. Making sure I do everything by the book and legally.

      Another thing you may want to consider, your IRA/401K. There is pending legislation that is not in the public eye and won't be for obvious reasons, is a proviso to tax on a yearly basis any funds in a tax deferred acct 3%. What that means is any money in these acct's regardless of any withdrawals, would be subject to a 3% tax. So if you just leave the money there the IRS will take 3% annually. This is to help pay for obama care and is a stealth tax to help fund gov programs.

    • Get it out of there and into your possession. Confiscation could be coming. My Dad told me when the banks failed in 1929 the bankers emptied the safety deposit boxes and left town. Might think about converting to non collectible .999 % silver coins and even some old silver quarters and halves.

    • Basically a flat market and all the refiner's are down. The analysts just don't like this sector.

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