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  • rockmanv2002 rockmanv2002 Dec 21, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    What's going on at Alon?

    Wow, they're up 9 % on a day when everything else is in the refining market is down. I sold my shares because a:) I didn't like the situation with their California business, b:) I haven't heard anything good about the Krotz Springs refinery and c:) it appeared to me that they were diluting their stock at a crucial time. The only thing I liked about them was their Big Springs refinery. However, I actually just read that they had spun this refinery off to a subsidiary. I guess overall, I'm just confused. I hate it when companies are doing so many deals that I can't keep track of them. I must have missed something but it's too late now. Actually, I just calculated that I'm about 3 % better off for switching to HFC, but if they keep moving, I'll regret my decision. Anyway, I'm going to go re-read the news over there and see if I can understand it the second time through. In the mean time, I'm keeping my money here!

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    • You did the right thing. Alon has way too much debt relative to their cash on hand.

    • I have had my money here since $38.60 and I think I will keep it here until the price violates it's 13 day moving average. Any suggestions?

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      • I have found the 5SMA to be a good signal for trading,especially day-trading.Using a 1-hour chart that posts every minute.
        For longer term,look at the 5SMA on a 5 or 10 day in the direction of that line.
        I am sure it will help your trading on any stock.
        Use that method to backtest your previous trades and check the results.
        Looking forward to your answers. Good luck.

      • I guess I'm not really too much of a trader on anything but what I feel the refinery market is doing. I actually think that I'll keep this stock for the long run or until something else looks better to me. I've never been much good at jumping out or in at the right time - I've done it right a couple of times, but I've also gotten burned. To me, it seems like this stock is probably being held down by people trying to take profits for the year. Also, refining always goes into a slump in the winter (this year may be the exception!) I look forward to a strong spring and summer if the economy doesn't tank. The only cloud that I see is that there is at least one huge shut-down coming. These are unavoidable so they are usually already factored in, but there is always a risk of the turn around lingering on too long and costing the company valuable processing time. I guess my advice is to at least stay till May - in fact, if you can afford it, I'd try to buy on this latest dip. I don't see anything stronger out there!

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