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  • alsteele_88 alsteele_88 Feb 8, 2013 3:27 PM Flag


    crushing out the #$%$ again and again

    CEO of the year 135+ next week new highs this year

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    • CEO of the last two decades! You know, its funny that just before ex-dividend date the ol' Macau junket stories emerge....hmmm. But that's cool, it just gives longs a chance to get "longer" I suppose.

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, Steve Wynn is one of only three CEO's on the planet that if he were to walk into my office and say "I'm starting a business....can't tell you anything about it....but will you invest in it", that I would write a check to, for all I could afford, on the spot and not think twice about it. (the other two? Sheldon Adelson and John Malone).

      Anybody that wants to know his track record need look no further than Ron Baron's Forbes interview a while back. The guy is first class and is one of the few CEO's on the planet that just doesn't give lip service to creating shareholder value.....he actually does it.


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      • Love the enthusisasm Fortune. I agree with the Adelson and Wynn. I have a few CEO's of companies that I'm invested in that I like but nobody compares to these guys. You would think they would make the best of friends due to their similarities but there's only room for one Alpha in every room.


      • Which is why the biggest laugh of all in Kaz's latest lawsuit was his claim that Steve Wynn was desperate for funding when planning Le Reve and nobody would go near him.

        The truth is more like Kaz ran a full-court bromance on Steve and begged for a chance to put money into the new venture, knowing it was a lock for unprecedented profits.

        Neither of them is at all dumb about the social and financial side of business, but Kaz unfortunately doesn't know - or apparently care - anything about the law.

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