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  • scrapman50 scrapman50 Jan 10, 2002 11:36 AM Flag

    Down to $1.52 or $1.42?

    Rab, thanks god, Waterhouse doesn't allow short under $5.00. You should ask Spectrics01 who knows which brokeragehouse can short under $5.00. You can always prepare for the next time. Actually shorting is the tool of MM's to push price down and make the maximize profit for MM's personal account. Good luck.

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    • to be found.

    • MM's?....heh

      i thought that this kind of mythological nonsense dissapeared from this board a while ago....

      profits and revenues drive stock prices up or down...not MM's...

      why would anyone invest in any company if they really thought that there was some mythological entity controlling the price?...

      it's a good thing that congress won't let you people control your own social security investements...we'd all end up broke and crying like the enron fools.....and i'd be paying for the stupidy of the armchair investor...