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  • gabbyr4 gabbyr4 May 1, 2002 10:17 PM Flag

    THDO Upgrade

    hey guys! i am new to this board... looking at historical prices why is this stock stuck in a trading range below $ 1 ?... thanks

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    • They spent HUGE on R and D the last 5 years, have had a loss all of those five years, have not shown a profit, and just recently have had higher sales, cut back on R and D, paid off their debt, let go of about half their staff, hired a NEW CFO, and we are all looking for a 'much brighter' 10K, and 10Q coming up as the quarter and fiscal year ended 3/31, so 5/15 approximate, is when the news and the report comes out on 3do's financials hopefully showing a recovery from their recent drop. Their last report I believe sometime in January, 'nuked' the stock under $1, because it showed too much loss in profit, (Loss per share) too much expense, too much labor, and not enough growth, so pubic faith was shot, and confidence lost, until HIGH HEAT 2003 CAME OUT, Heroes of Might and Magic IV came out, Might and Magic 9, Army men RTS,(They all came out this last quarter) the new CFO got hired, SALES SKYROCKETED, some of the games (HEROES) shot to the top of the charts, one of their locations let go (NEW WORLD COMPUTING), about 1/2 their staff and payroll let go, and the hope that the next quarterly and yearly will shine much brighter than any before it for 5 years, at which time, many of us feel the stock will ZOOM over a $1 for good, hopefully to $3, (where it was about a year ago), stay there, and proceed to go higher as long as good games come out, strong profit, (stronger), and less expense. Whew.
      I'm no expert, but that's the best I can tell you. Perhaps, others would like to disseminate further on the topic. I for one, have already sold 46,000 shares last month, making an $11,000 profit, hold 50,000 shares at about .78 now, and am waiting for the financials. With all this they still have 16 to 18 million in the bank consistently, if not more, with no debt, so profitability looks better. Or something like that. Corrections from resident savants and geniuses welcome, without the abuse, please.
      I'm Out.

      • 1 Reply to ramsnflchamps
      • you are an *idiot*
        the money in the bank was *borrowed*...they are letting people go because they cannot pay them...
        5 yrs of R&D has produced 1 *psuedo hit* out of many...
        they all came out this last quarter for a save the bottom line...and the patches will be available soon...because they rushed the games out with bugs as usual...the problem is that sometimes with this *great* company...the patches need patches...because they rush the fix out without knowing all that needs fixing..

        but of course since you have 50K shares and trip has millions of shares at $2+...we should all just jump in...

        and since you predicted a *skyrocket* in price....we are still less than 5 days ago jerky...

        how much of this *mythical* 11K have you lost so far? what price did you buy your 50K shares at?...i'm sure it was at the absolute bottom...whay do i ask?...probably just to hear another ammusing lie..