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  • fuzzhead72 fuzzhead72 Dec 20, 1999 1:28 PM Flag

    Crusaders of M&M not selling well

    I have been thinking of investing in this stock
    for a while, but decided to do some investigating of
    my own at CompUSA and Best Buy. In both stores, I
    asked the guys who were restocking shelves if they had
    noticed this game selling much. The young lady at CompUSA
    said she only saw 4 disappear over the weekend, and
    the guy at Best Buy said he has only had to refill
    the display once since the game was initually put on
    display. Doesn't sound good, because this was supposed to
    be their premier game for the holidays. I think I'm
    going to invest in Interplay instead.

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    • twentyfirstcenturyschizoidman twentyfirstcenturyschizoidman Dec 20, 1999 8:46 PM Flag

      Crusaders has only been on the shelf for maybe a

      Crusaders is not their "Premier" game.
      Sarge's heroes is their hot seller. Battle tanx global
      assault is probably number 2. I would guess that Army men
      3d is probably next followed by air attack. Some
      others, vegas games psx, vegas games pc, family game pack
      pc, heroes 3 & ab pc, heroes millenium pc, m&m
      millenium pc, army men freedom pack pc, toys in space pc
      (this one does appear to be doing poorly judging by the
      reduction in price), Army men 1 has also been doing well
      but it retails at $10 so not too much rev there. Oh
      yeah, m&m 6 & 7 (more so 7 than 6). Heroes 3 for the
      mac is also shipping this week.

      3do rocks!