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  • mike_skeeter mike_skeeter May 5, 2004 10:57 AM Flag

    With the flood

    of the articles speculating over the remedy I don't really understand how is mr Sarkozy willing to save this. He doesn't want to reduce competitors to let Alstom fall, he doesn't want to weigh it on Areva and he doesn't want to dismantle this former 'champion' in any way among the industries. What is he up to?

    I don't see any other way to save the ass for this baby. He's either a genius with a fullhouse in his hands or an ignorant to the facts. What are your picks folks?

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    • I think the recen price developement is a signal for a new capitalization rise of Alstom. Look for the news. The company is not doing that bad. The markets are punishing it way to hard. Short-term this is going to be bumpy. After EU approval (ALS is going to get it) look for the China deal. In 18 month this stock is going to be $5 easy.

      Possum, stop posting shit. Nobody is believing you anyway. Don't make a much greater fool out of yourself then you already are. As you would say -imho...

    • artitcles speculating over the remedy are just that...

      I firmly believe that the new orders speak for themselves, and the current hubris is just positioning on the arbitration. Markets hate uncertainty, and this is getting played to the fullest