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  • staff9128 staff9128 Oct 15, 2009 11:41 PM Flag

    sNDA Submitted. Approval Coming.

    Acthar is the only safe treatment for IS, and has been for years.

    How many months will we have to wait for approval?
    Once Acthar is FDA approved for IS, are we looking at an immediate double or a triple?
    Once pricing power is cemented by approval, what further projects will the company fund?

    This company has no debt, lots of cash, and a great management team.

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    • Thank-you for the response. it was a period of four weeks and thank God we were one of the lucky ones..Although she is only 13 months old and is still at risk. Yes her father had good insurance and it paid for it. Although if you go the the yahoo group for Infantile Spapsms you will see she is the exeption and we are really blessed. I have spent many years on stock message boards and I am not returning. I am sure there are sincere investors here and I suggest you go to these boards, But my real point was attacking parents of these special children does not make any sense. trust me their life is tough enough and many of them have suffered because of ACTH because it is not for everyone.. I wish it was. You pumpers will be glad to know this is my last post.

    • As stated before Logan is very fortunate to be one of the lucky ones. He is not the norm. ACTH was the drug that worked for him. Do a search for all the others that have taken it and not had such luck.

    • I'm glad you found Acthar to be the "miracle drug" for your son. It's good to hear that the side effects he experienced (temporary weight gain and high blood pressure) began dissipating when the treatment was over.

      If they had given your son Sabril, he would have had a 1 in 3 chance of permanent vision damage. Not temporary weight gain, but permanent vision damage.

      Your neurologist got it right.

    • The point is you're an idiot. If you want to be a detective and internet stalk me that's fine too you freak. In person you wouldn't say shit to me little boy!!!!!! Take your sob story and head on out. No one cares.

    • Thanks A Troll.

      Appreciate the factual information provided.

      It seems there are quite a few pumpers, it would not surprise me that they are insiders.

    • This coming from a guy who says Miss California smells like week old tuna.

      Thanks for making my point.

      miss california 12-May-09 10:37 pm
      has to smell good, i can just tell.....
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      miss california
      billy.bobby... (2 Ratings) 12-May-09 10:37 pm

      Re: miss california
      Like week old tuna.
      infinite.lo... (1 Rating) 12-May-09 10:38 pm

      Re: miss california
      infinite must like a smelly penis. JMO.
      barack_obom... Rate it 13-May-09 01:08 am

      Re: miss california
      ......if you go in and it starts to ...
      dymonhed26 Rate it 12-May-09 10:39 pm

      Re: miss california
      ...I sez she smells like a refrigerator that's jus...


    • Let me see if I can post real information as you, the ignorant "investors" obviously have no idea what you're talking about. I assume you have no right to speak on behalf of Questcor other than someone who's invested money in the company. Which means nothing. If you actually work for Questcor I'd like you to post your first and last names.

      I am the father of the child who is documented in (which Questcor partially funded) My sons website is and if you have a few minutes I'd encourage you to see the side effects ACTH had on my son. To say that there are no side effects and to point to other drugs as unsafe is irresponsible at best. You are either ignorant or a liar yourself.

      To attack a parent, which is exactly what you're doing, who was there for me as a parent when my son was first diagnosed, just shows how ignorant you are.

      ACTH helped my son become seizure free but he is not the norm. In fact he is the exact opposite of a normal outcome of Infantile Spasms. Do a google search of IS and read for yourself. I'd also encourage you to speak with his neurologist who's also documented in the video.

      ACTH is a first line treatment for IS, it's not the only one.

      My son had side effects from ACTH including some of the ones described above. He was hospitalized several times due to them. I'm not posting this information for you. I'm posting it for anyone who might come across this and read your bs.


      A Troll

    • You crack ME up asshat. This is an investor's message board. That other nut has been on this board for YEARS talking out her ass. So Mr. Johnnycomelately unless you have some investment business/insight why don't you just move along. Damn Trolls.

    • It is so obvious wherringsr = Elmccann. It's not even funny. What next? A brother, niece or uncle .... Still no name about IS support groups. Blablabla. In the mean time, IS is not the main focus for QCOR and they are buying back the shares at a discount. Look at their presentations and future projections.

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