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  • staff9128 staff9128 Oct 19, 2009 10:59 AM Flag

    sNDA Submitted. Approval Coming.

    Acthar has been in use for many years. It's safety profile is well documented in the medical literature. Although it has been used to treat IS, it is not yet approved for IS. That will soon change.

    Sabril (Vigabatrin) is well documented as a dangerous drug. Here's a link previously posted by Primedica on what the medical community has to say about Sabril:

    Sabril is dangerous. One third of people who take it will have permanent vision loss. It would never have been approved if Acthar had been approved for IS at that time.

    Questcor has been upfront with investors about the challenges ahead. Virtually every news release outlines those challenges and the steps the company is taking to meet them. In addition, investors have access to all kinds of research on companies they may want to invest in. So if it's the investors you are worried about, don't be. And thanks for your concern.

    Strong Buy.