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  • gatsbyrising gatsbyrising Dec 8, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    Any drugs in the Pipeline?

    So much is made of future drugs in the pipeline for drug stocks but Yahoo doesnt mention any new drugs or upcoming trials. I like the company but they will need more drugs to keep growing???

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    • thanks for the input. its a hard to know what to do? on one side you have people that are knowledgable and think the company will get by this speed bump and go much higher and the other side are the shorts who would like to push it down further ive seen shorts get control of a company and keep it down for years Look at the volitatility of OVTI a stock I owned several years ago a company this size is the right size company for the shorts to take control of also

    • Actually Questcor has quite a few things in the pipeline. Currently they are treating 5 different health problems and there is potential for many more.

    • Most BP face patent cliffs for their drugs which could smash revenues... unless they buy growth, they are in trouble. Qcor is growing revenues at 200% and they have just scratched the surface.
      If there was such a thing as too much no debt growth...that might be our problem.

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    • Mr Gatsby, QCOR has their hands full with breakneck growth in kidney disease and rheumatoid arthritis, while also growing in the infantile spasms and multiple sclerosis indications. There are 15 other FDA approved indications and aside from orphan drug status protection, which can be extended beyond 2017, they have a proprietary formula, which cannot be replicated. Wait till we expand into the European and Asian markets. We have unfathomable growth in front of us. Having said that, with no debt, and generating tremendous cash, QCOR may take advantage of opportunities as they arise if big Pharma doesn't swoop in and buy QCOR!

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    • My guess is they are looking for another drug but are keeping quiet until a deal is done (if they plan on buying the rights)...

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