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  • mikeylikesit33_99 mikeylikesit33_99 Dec 13, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    Boom Chukka Luka BOOM part 4

    wabbits won't believe their own eyes. one wabbit just tried to buy against the shorts, the charts, the trend, and everything else going on.

    Dumb wabbit will now see those shares that popped it back to 27.50 be worth less.

    Told wabbits, shorts will let you keep it here. They want to short here and the daily short ratios should prove that to you. You are buying from shorts, not other longs willing to book profit.

    Oh well, Missy warned da wabbits.

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    • Mikey - could this thread be the reason why so many posts are directed at you and why many don't trust you? Wouldn't it be nice if everyone who doesn't trust what you have to say just ignores you. I would rather see what you are trying to accomplish with your various id's.

      Call me crazy for thinking you have various id's, but anyone who has a doubt should read this thread and make up your own mind. Bottom line, don't trust what anyone says on any board because everyone has their own agenda.

      I am just tired of Mikey taking over this board with #$%$ lately and he seems to get quiet for a while everytime this thread is back at the top.

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      • click that ignore link... it helps.

        feel free to think I have multiple aliases if you want. doesn't bother me as it's a typical tactic of pumpers.

        why do they continue to focus on me instead of their money? good question... I have no answer. my only guess is that they thought I was a pumper and I turned out to be an investor that does a heck of a lot of research. I also pick entry and exit points and stick to them. when they don't match theirs, they feel cheated or something. it's a working thesis at this point. i'm a bit curious regarding this psychological issue they have, as it may provide me insight into the human aspect of trading that I can incorporate into the technical. I can even say that 50 times, and they'll continue. doesn't matter to them that they are now a case study for me. it only matters if someone is in agreement with them at a particular moment in time. very interesting case study of pumpers.

        shorts are easy to understand, and are usually more polite and more thoroughly researched... kind of fits that cliché of shorts being smarter that I never gave much credence to before this year.

        pumpers just throw out insults to the wind. hmmm....

        you are probably one of the less crazy people here though, I'll give ya that.

    • Hohohomo. Do you wear a little pirate or bunny costume to get in character?

    • Just thought I would bump this thread back to the top to remind everyone who the biggest dolt is MIKEY

    • Mikey--humorous post--c'mon everybody--this is sarcasm aimed at missy and short sellers.
      Mikey is--not missy.
      Mikey is--in and out of QCOR, but currently in, far as I know.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • What a devious little pirate, rabbit, you've been and you've brought discredit to Seeking Alpha. You can't lack integrity in one area of life without it effecting all areas. A liar and cheat is just that in business, in writing, to his wife, mother and kids. Mikey/nomad/missy/mikefeuller.. You're an arrogant loser, now get OUT!

    • Mikey/missy/nomad, or whatever your name is, get a life loser!!! you obviously do care about what people think of you. you claim no position in this stock, yet you are here, not only posting as "mikey" but also as "missy" and god knows who else. now what kind of person hangs around a message board for a stock in which he has no position? It's rhetoric so please don't feel the need to respond to this.

      as far as your last comment about buying...that's the only thing you've written in the last few weeks that makes sense. i've got about 13k shares at average cost of $25. will continue to buy if stock dips below 26. I expect in the 30s by mid-Jan. Target price for year is $55.

      now, do us all a favor and STOP POSTING!!!!!!!

    • Oh my! It LQQKZ like a Duck, aye Bozz? lol

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      • Don't go sweating it Nomad. This board is dead. Missy/Chris convinced me to sell at close on Tuesday and apparently retail is starting to bail too. Not sure I agree 100% with her, as I thought there was at least another year before pricing pressure hits but whatever... stock is too high maintenance and I'm setting up my 2013 portfolio.

        Board is going to be dead moving forward.

        Chris just said she thought it was hilarious people thought she was you. Funny stuff. and no she isn't posting any more today unless she goes and uses her computer. LOL. She's the 'dumb wabbit'.

      • HA HA HA... Too funny. She's my sister-in-law on my laptop that I was still signed in on. I'm at their house in Jersey.

        Yea, she's heavily short. BTW, her name is Chris if you want to call her by her real name.

        Drinking beer and sharing laptops makes for good fun! LOL