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  • jkistotass jkistotass Dec 13, 2012 1:58 PM Flag

    Boom Chukka Luka BOOM part 4

    wait am i getting this right? missy was using mikey's computer by mistake? missy is mikey's relative?

    mikey you seriously expect us to believe this? how many freakin' IDs do you have? you are so busted!! let me map out your credibility chart over the last couple of months...2 mos ago (75/100), 2 weeks ago (25/100), now (minus 100/100)!!!!

    you have now taken over the board as the biggest loser around! enjoy your beer with "chris."

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    • We are enjoying our day, what's your point? Gonna start a Mikey bashing endeavor again, instead of taking care of your money? LOL. Dude, maybe you missed it above, but I'm out for good this time. Don't care. Enjoy!

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      • "Dude" that's not the point of my message. I just want to point out to the rest of the board that you are perhaps the most pathetic piece of cow dung i've ever seen. i don't know your position in qcor, i don't care. i just think it's funny as hell that over the last couple of weeks this "missy" person has been posting meaningless, ridiculous, asinine, message after message and lo and behold, it's YOU. you make up some lame story that it's your sis in law. you "accidentally" swapped computers over some beers. is that your explanation? is that your story? you actually expect us to believe that? hmmmm.....maybe barry bonds wasn't on steroids, right?? my god, i cannot tell you how pleased i am that you are so busted. let me guess, you are having beers with nomad and john kelly too right?

        what a loser!!!!!

      • Again, why would I care what you think? Not getting your point? My 'credibility' was important to YOU?

        Not sure why, but okay. Heck it was never important to me but I'll play along. I'll make sure to explain to Greg that he's a #$%$ and married to me instead of Chris. That should give him something to drink about too! Incest and a #$%$. LOL

        BTW, since I'm not credible, all the posts and articles on the insurance company changes. Read them again and do the opposite. I obviously lie. LOL. UNH really did restrict the insurance coverage. So did Humana.

        Ooooh you idiots on this board are amusing. Here let me give you one last piece of advice. BUY BUY BUY. LOL

      • Cat fight! Meo-o-w, hissy-fitz, zcratch-clawz, aye Pussiez? lol

    • Scrooge Inzidaz cain't Spare a Penny fo Santaz Helpaz, aye Upjkzazz?