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  • jondow69 Dec 22, 2012 7:03 PM Flag

    question,what made this drop from 50$ in sept? and why is it going up from $17 to 30$ now?


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    • Citron, unlike blindfolded McPumpzkiez, knew Institutions were Shorting their own Shares, aye Bozz? lol

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    • No one here's going to answer a question pitched at that level. You have to make at least a show of having a clue what planet you're on now, after stumbling away from the craft wreckage.

      To assist you in this endeavor, you might want to go to seekingalphaDOTcom/symbol/qcor/ (this is part of the interwebs system, you've heard of that right?), read the entire Market Currents tab for 2012. Your curiosity now thoroughly whetted, read all the focus articles in the Quotes and Headlines tab, at least back through July, especially anything by Michael Fuller, whom you might find in this warm, friendly community here, if he's in the mood that day.

      Read, and consider, everything at citronresearch (which you will encounter as links in the above, of course).

      Then read all the QCOR conference calls (also available at above SA link).

      Why did I waste 5 minutes doing this? Jon's not into all that, or he'd already have done it.

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      • jondow69 Dec 23, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

        hey tsi,give me a break, i was just looking for a quick synopsis of what actually happened with this stock, its like herbalife right now,is it a pyrimid? is ackmann squeezing it, what ever, IMO, when ever you see these massive pull backs a lot of it is manipulation by the big $ guys,they bring it down from 50-17, then back up to 50$ and all it does ismake $ for the big HFT's imo! but again i wasjust trying to get a quick idea of what was happening! PS i saw the same thing with GMCR,took it from $50-17, now its 43$, in my mind, its a typical wall st. racket, what ever! but thanks for your reply, have a good holiday season! jmo

      • LOL. I was actually going to suggest the same and I would add that Red Acre and a few others have good articles too.

        The key to reading everyone's articles though is to understand on premise. There was confusion regarding the insurance coverage updates, so some authors may initially say that an insurance company restricted coverage until it was gone through with a fine tooth comb and compared to prescribing information.

        Most insurance companies did not have coverage policies that matched. When they updated, putting in the dosages and prescription levels, it may have looked like they were restricting.

        Only Aetna made a change, and that is still suspect as it was based on a marketing study by Prime that even the owners of Prime (13 BCBSs) are not following.

        Hope that helps anyone new...

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