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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jan 19, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    In the new war between Mikey and Lucifer I am

    110% on Mikey's side. While we have had our share of disputes, I have NEVER failed to acknowledge Mikey's accumen. Lucifer, on the other hand, appears to be a YMB sociopath.

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    • I happened to see your post as I wasn't signed in when I came to the message board.

      Thanks, but there is no war here. From my perspective we have some bored people who are pulling out old aliases and trying to stir things up. They aren't very good at it as their knowledge of QCOR and Acthar is severely limited. I'd almost bet they are some of the Motley Fool shorts based on their similar style of writing and claims. Albeit a bit less professional here, but they are hacks in their articles... so...

      Mr Lemming is actually an old poster who has commented on my posts months ago, has read my articles from back then, and his history shows it is an alias he pulls out on many boards to post contrarian statements.

      Lucifer is just a hack who doesn't know anything about the company he is trading and so pulls out other stocks to compare charts to. Like the guy who was on CNBC for 2 months comparing AAPL to RCA in the 1930s not using any analysis except a 5 yr chart pattern and claiming AAPL is dead. Interesting for a minute, but irrelevant. AAPL has some growth left, but is a mature company that will suffer the Microsoft fate soon. This retreat is actually a photocopy of MSFT maturing. A drastic pullback, then a climb to a reasonable PPS, and afterwards a trading channel that never breaches the upper limit.

      These new posts attacking me are very humorous though. Simple fact is you can't start a war with someone when you are so uneducated on the subject matter, that the other guy simply laughs at you.

      It would be nice if folks would just stop it, and focus on the company and the drug. That's what their money is in (long or short). Dragging Pharmaman into it carries it too far for anyone's taste that has been on this board for more than a week. In real life, he's one of the most upstanding guys I've met. He's good at his real life job. He's honest. He researches. He has a background in Biotech. Oh and let's not forget he is brilliant at being a copy editor. My articles took a turn for the better when he acted as an editor. He taught me a lot in a very short period of time. He might not even think he did much, but I'm a fast learner and I understood every marked up article he sent back. Felt like I was back in a college writing class, and that's meant as a compliment to him. He could be a professor. PJMeyers is a good guy too and I'm sure the board agrees. Granted he will never let me live down my initial weaknesses as a writer (Its, It's, etc.) but I thanked him for pointing out grammar errors in my first two articles and I accept his good natured jesting about them now. He was nice enough to provide truly constructive criticism that would help the reader.

      So, I appreciate your post maxdad, but we also need to ignore these little bored dolts for what they are and see if we can keep the board focused on relevant information.

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      • Mikey: thanks for the undeserved kind comments. I am just an old pedant (please note, this is not same as pederast).

        FWIW, I think you are well liked here, as well as unreservedly admired for your work AND for your writing. Let me repeat: AND for your writing. I never helped you with no grammar, maybe pharma did, but it didn't stick.

        As you know, I think it was just the legal troubles, and legal advice, that made Cartt robotic - not that the Big Pharma taking them over told them not to rock the PPS boat before the BO.

        If, by some chance, there really is a BO in the works, it would have to be announced before Feb-18, right? Because, as you and the boys have shown, the CC is certainly likely to rock the PPS boat (although October really did not do that much, let us not forget).

      • Once again, I AGREE COMPLETELY !!!

    • i just love these boards.. they sure are fun.