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  • drdonrs drdonrs Feb 18, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    From Cabot Wealth Advisory

    This is a statement on a past recommendation, but notice the "take" on QCOR at the present.

    Paul: What’s an example of a successful stock you recommended in Cabot Small-Cap Confidential?

    Tom Garrity: A great stock I recommended to my subscribers in 2010 was Questcor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR). Questcor manufactures an injectable drug called Acthar, which targets Multiple Sclerosis (MS) flares, Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) and Infantile Spasms (IS). I got on board with Questcor because ownership of this proprietary drug gives the company enormous pricing power, with little to no competition (alternative therapy) and a large dollar marketplace.

    Questcor’s Acthar is extracted from the pituitary of a pig, and its processing is a trade secret. The porcine adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) differs from humans’ by one amino acid. The composition of Acthar is further distinguished from either human or porcine in terms of its number of active peptides involved. Whereas active peptides in the pituitary exceed 100, the multiple peptides in Acthar are not fully charted. However, these peptides with multiple pharmacological properties would be most difficult to duplicate by even the most impressive pharmaceutical company.

    The pricing for Acthar is $25,000 a vial, and for other indications where more vials are needed the pricing is significantly higher. While the total addressable market for Acthar for use in approved indications is large (a couple of billion dollars), off-label use such as rheumatology and Lupus carry the dollar value to even greater heights.

    We bought QCOR at 9.38 in July 2010 and sold it when the stock hit our stop-loss of 40 in August 2012, for a profit of 326% in 25 months.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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