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  • itsawhiz itsawhiz Feb 22, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    3 trading days left to earnings, upward trend

    Bullish indicators continue, and with earnings coming Tuesday night interest in the stock rises. You will see some short term investors coming into the stock for a short visit, and they are welcome, hopefully they will stick around for the longer ride up. All they need to do is pop this stock into their screeners and see the potential value return. Undervalued stocks are truly better stocks to be in especially insulated from the market trends, unlike overvalued stocks which are much more volatile to sequestering news. It has been common opinion that we would see some covering by shorts going into what maybe a surprise earnings. Given the volume, and the action the large covering has not taken place just yet. Maybe a small amount but not large. When you see volume over 6 million shares and an increase in price, that will be the start of the covering. A 6 month chart using a volume by price indicator will show you where the most volume occurred and its buy sell comparison. The reason I used six months was to capture immediately before the fall as well as the time period leading up to today. This can give you an idea of where the selling volume occurred and also the break loss of Shorts in a particular stock. Doesn't necessarily mean they will sell at these levels, but they most likely are unfortunate enough to be pressured to buy. Couple reasons would be Margin charges, compounded by losing money on the trade, lack of opportunity to catch a fall on an overvalued stock, restriction from trading other stocks due to the losing position. All these make the decision to cover more enticing. Now, because Shorts are so hard headed they brainwash themselves into thinking that the news they have read is true, that's why they have such stick-to-it-ness. Good way to tell if a short has this disease is they make posts that make no sense, or they state no facts to support and when confronted with a question, they disappear for days on end. Only to show back up right before an event that they think that they can have a bearing on. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Message boards work because of consistent fact finding, sharing and education. Otherwise, it just another BS session. So do not be pushed into making bad decisions by inane posts from someone that has never provided particular helpful information or changes his name to make posts. GLTA

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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